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cultures, and institutions. Identities, cultures, and social movements developed around
sexuality, gender, race/ethnicity, disability and other social statuses are examined. Prerequisite:
SOC 101 or SOC 102 and one additional sociology course. Alternate years. This course may count
toward the SOC, SAN, or GSS major. (Social Science)

368. Sociology of the Body
This course examines social, cultural and political perspectives on the body, with a focus on
body modifications. We will consider material and symbolic aspects of the body; body
modifications as social practices; social regulation of bodies, the negotiation of the self within
various social conditions, contexts, and ideologies; and the relationship of bodies to gender,
class, race/ethnicity, and nationalism. Special emphasis given to the construction of ‘normal’
bodies (linked to medicine, technology, consumption, and other institutions) as well as the
construction of ‘deviant’ or ‘transgressive’ bodies. Prerequisite: SOC 101, SOC 102, ANT 312, or
GSS 171. Alternate years. This course may count toward the SOC, SAN, or GSS major. (Social
Science) DAVIS

370. Religion, Spirituality, and Community
Examines the religious experience; the provision of meaning and belonging; religious
commitment and conversion; official versus nonofficial or people’s religion; religion and the
creation of social cohesion; religion and its relationship to social inequality; and religious
movements and social change. Topics include women's spirituality in Witchcraft and Spiritualist
communities, religious cohesion in Amish communities, the spiritual relationship between
humans and the sacred earth in indigenous communities; snake handling and redemption in
southern Pentecostal communities, the social and religious dimensions of extraterrestrial
contactee communities, and civil rights activism in faith based communities. Prerequisite: SOC
101, SOC 102, ANT 101, ANT 210, REL 101, REL 222, or Writing Requirement (W). This course
may count towards the SOC, SAN, or REL major. Alternate years. (Social Science)

376. The African American Civil Rights Movement through Film
Examination of the modern Civil Rights Movement through text and film. Consideration of the
development of the movement through social protest and legal action, goals of the movement
from integration to Black Power, and factors involved in emergence of the movement including
the development of a Western racial worldview and the emergence of anti-colonial movements
worldwide. Prerequisite: SOC 101, SOC 102, ANT 101, or EST 123. This course may count tward
the EST major. Alternate years. (Social Science)

483. Sociological Theory
Classical theories of social structure and social change, focused on the works of Marx,
Durkheim, and Weber. Prerequisites: SOC 101 or SOC 102, and one 300-level Sociology course.
No S/U option. (Social Science)

484. Research Design and Data Analysis
Focus on the logic and procedure of sociological research. Explores the epistemological and
methodological principles that form the basis of social research, including developing research
questions, forming measurable concepts, determining appropriate research strategies,
confronting ethical dilemmas, collecting and analyzing data, and revising theories in light of
empirical data. Exploration and evaluation of various research methodologies as well as the
development of an independent research project. Prerequisites: two courses in Sociology,

including SOC 101 or SOC 102. No S/U option. (Social Science)

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