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protest as prayer form; redemptive suffering and self-sacrifice; liberation from social/political
and psychological oppression; forgiveness; defiant joy as spiritual resistance; and
relinquishment or shedding of Ego-mind including amid the pain of spiritual growth known as
Dark Night of the Soul. These meaning making responses and coping strategies, as well as hope
amid affliction, are undercurrents throughout the course. Includes Liberation Theology (black,
womanist, and feminist), Holocaust Theology, and Contemplative/Mystical Theology. Offered
every third year. (Humanities)

366-370. Advanced Topics in Religion
Topics vary according to specialization or interest of instructor. See Topics Courses.

377. Religion and Literature
Examination of religious themes in modern literature, including works by such authors as
James Hilton, C.S. Lewis, and Bernard Malamud. Offered every third year. (Humanities)

379. Religion and the Artistic Imagination
Exploration of relations between religion and the visual arts, applying theoretical or other
insights to concrete materials of European artistic tradition or a non-Western culture.
Individual or group-directed study based on ART 256 (Italian Renaissance Art), 257 (Medusa's
Gaze: Art in the Age of Galileo), or 266 (American Indian Art: Gender and the Marketplace).
Details of other readings, testing, etc. to be worked out with instructor. Available by student
request. Prerequisites: two Religion courses and permission of instructor. (Humanities)

382. Issues in Religious Method
Focus on a particular issue as it relates to methodology in the study of religion. In the framework
of a comparative approach and an engagement with the methods of the discipline, this course
will consider such issues as: religion and violence; Messiahs, Gurus and other saviors; and ritual
and belief. Particular issue will be specified in the current Course Schedule. Offered every third
year. (Humanities)

388. Seminar in Perspectives on Religion
Exploration of advanced issues in the study of religion, treating selected theoretical perspectives
as they apply to diverse religious traditions. Content will vary from course to course. Emphasis
on individual research. Prerequisites: three Religion courses and junior standing. Alternate
years. (Humanities)

511. Hebrew Reading Group (1/4)
Maintenance and development of Hebrew language skills through reading of the Hebrew Bible.
Texts selected in consultation with the students participating. Course meets once a week for a
semester. Prerequisite: permission of instructor. (CR)

Russian (RUS)

See Classical and Modern Languages

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