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Movements) and the reception of "western" philosophy and religion. Offered every third year.

342. Judaism
Basic concepts, practices, and worldview of post-Biblical Judaism. Background readings in the
history of Jewish people, religion, and thought. Offered every third year. (Humanities)

343. Issues in Contemporary Judaism
Focus on a particular issue or skill in the study of post-Biblical Judaism. In the framework of a
critical engagement with the relationship between post-Biblical Judaism and the Hebrew Bible,
the course will focus on issues which impact the conception of Jews and Judaism during the
rabbinic, medieval and modern eras. Issues which will be addressed will include: Judaism and
Islam, modern Jewish philosophy, Kabbalah, or the myth of the "original" Israel. Particular

issue will be specified in the current Course Schedule. Offered every third year. (Humanities)

353. Christian Foundations
Original development of some classic ideas of the Christian faith, with special emphasis on the
idea of God. Texts will include the writings of such formative figures as Justin Martyr, Irenaeus
of Lyons, and Augustine of Hippo, with attention to early Church councils and creedal
documents. Offered every third year. (Humanities)

354. The Protestant Revolution
Major figures and movements that contributed to the division of Western Christendom into
Protestant and Roman Catholic communities. Primary emphasis on the writings of Luther,
Calvin, and the leaders of the English Reformation, concluding with consideration of the
activities and writings of John and Charles Wesley, founders of Methodism. Offered every third
year. (Humanities)

356. Christianity in America
An examination of several of the central figures and movements in the history of American
Christianity, including the ideas and experiences of Protestant and Catholic Christians,
conservative and liberal Christians, black and white Christians, and male and female Christians.

Offered every third year. (Humanities)

359. Issues in Christianity Today
Focus upon a particular issue that is of concern in contemporary Christianity. Among the issues
that may be highlighted are: the question of faith, the problem of evil, modern concepts of God,
the reality of religious pluralism, and feminist theological critiques of traditional Christianity.
Particular issue will be specified in the current Course Schedule. Offered every third year. Not

repeatable, even when topic is different. (Humanities)

362. Holocaust and Response
Social and theological developments in the articulation of Judaism in Europe as shaped by the
watershed events of the Nazi Holocaust. Attention to the problem of evil and the claim that basic
changes in Jewish and Christian religious understandings are now inevitable. Offered every

third year. (Humanities)

363. Suffering and the Sacred
This course examines diverse biblical response paradigms concerning human suffering as found
throughout Jewish and Christian traditions. Paradigms we will explore include: Lament and

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