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368. Environmental Politics and Policy
Analysis of the policy process concerning energy and environmental issues, emphasizing the
interrelated roles of Congress, federal and state agencies, the President, interest groups, etc.,
and including an evaluation of alternative policies. Prerequisite: POL 172 or 182. Alternate
years. (Social Science)

371. Wilderness Politics and Policy
An exploration of governmental policies designed to preserve and manage wilderness areas in
the United States. Taught at the Wilderness Field Station and in the Boundary Waters Canoe
Area. Registration entails additional costs. Prerequisites: POL 172 or 182 and permission of the
instructor. Alternate years. (Social Science)

372. Current Cases before the Supreme Court
Examination of selected cases to be heard by the Supreme Court through lecture, discussion,
and oral argument. Case analysis by Judge Hansen and Professor Sutherland in the first half of
the course; oral argument by students in the last half. Prerequisite: POL 172. (Social Science)

381. Education Policy in America: Dollars, Sticks, or Carrots?
This course will focus on analyzing contemporary education policy in the United States. We will
explore the motivations, goals, and outcomes of major educational policies. Have they achieved
what they intended to accomplish? Why or why not? We will also consider issues concerning the
role of education in society, the presence and impact of inequality in education, and the role of
the federal government in guiding education policy. Throughout the course we will return to an
underlying question that permeates many of today’s education policy debates: What is the
proper use of incentives, resources, and/or sanctions in maximizing student achievement,
teacher quality, and social benefits from education? Prerequisite: POL 172 or 182. (Social

561. Mock Trial (1/4)
Participating in simulated trials in competition with teams from other institutions, learning
legal practices, procedures and ethics and developing critical thinking and public speaking skills.

981. Washington Center: see Cornell-Approved Domestic Off-Campus Programs.

982. Capital Experience: see Cornell-Approved Domestic Off-Campus Programs.

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