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265. Modern Physics
Topics include thermodynamics, special relativity, photons, deBroglie waves, Heisenberg's
uncertainty principle, the Schrödinger equation, atomic and nuclear physics, high-energy
particles, and quarks. Prerequisites: MAT 122, PHY 162, and PHY 263.

280/380. Internship: See Additional Academic Programs, All-College Independent Study
Courses 280/380.

290/390. Individual Project: See Additional Academic Programs, All-College Independent
Study Courses 290/390.

305. Waves
Study of physical wave phenomena, especially optical and mechanical waves. Topics include
superposition, reflection, refraction, dispersion, interference, diffraction, polarization
phenomena, and the wave equation. Prerequisites: MAT 122,PHY 162, and 263. Alternate years.

312. Advanced Experimental Physics
An in-depth investigation of a physics experiment chosen by the student in consultation with the
instructor. Includes design, construction, collection of data, analysis, interpretation, and
presentation of the experiment. Prerequisite: EGR 270, either PHY 265 or PHY 303, and one
other 300-level Physics course or permission or instructor.

315. Astrophysics
The astrophysics of stars and stellar systems with an emphasis on the physical principles
underlying the observed phenomena. Topics include the techniques of astronomy, structure and
evolution of stars, binary stars, star clusters, and end states of stars such as white dwarfs,
neutron stars, and black holes. Prerequisite: PHY 265 or PHY 303. Alternate years.

321. Mechanics
Newtonian, Lagrangian, and Hamiltonian mechanics covering the motion of single particles,
rigid bodies, systems of particles, fluid mechanics, and complex analysis. Prerequisites: MAT
221,PHY 162, and PHY 263. Alternate years.

322. Electricity and Magnetism
Electric and magnetic fields and their sources, magnetic and dielectric materials, and Maxwell's
equations. Prerequisites: MAT 122,PHY 162, and PHY 263. Alternate years.

334. Introduction to Quantum Mechanics
Development of the Schrödinger wave equation and its solution for the harmonic oscillator and
Coulomb potentials. Orbital and spin angular momenta, and applications to simple atomic and
molecular systems. Prerequisites: MAT 221, PHY 265, and either PHY 305 or 321. Alternate

355-359. Advanced Topics in Physics
Study of a selected topic in advanced physics, such as general relativity, thermodynamics,
advanced mechanics, chaos, particle physics, or condensed matter. See Topics Courses.

501. Advanced Laboratory (1/4)
Experiments of an advanced character, permitting the student to work relatively independently.
Must be taken over four consecutive terms. Prerequisite: permission of instructor. (CR)

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