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2. Of the minimum 31 course credits, at least 17 must be outside of any single
    department. Students who exceed 14 credits in one department will be required to
    take more than 31 credits to complete their degree in order to have at least 17 credits
    outside that department. In the calculation of departmental credits, the following
    disciplines, listed for administrative purposes as divisions of single departments, are
    reckoned as separate departments: Anthropology, Classics, English as a Second
    Language, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Language and Linguistics, Latin,
    Russian, Sociology, Spanish, and Theatre.

3. A cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher.
4. At least one departmental, interdisciplinary, or individualized major.
5. First-year Program

         a. FIRST-YEAR SEMINAR: Enrollment in any course with an "FYS" designation
              on the Course Schedule, during the first Block of the first year. Specific goals
              for these courses can be found here:

         b. FIRST-YEAR WRITING COURSE: Any course with a "W" designation on the
              Course Schedule, taken in the first year. Specific goals for these courses can
              be found here:

6. Distribution Requirements: The following general education requirements: [Courses
    in this Catalogue that satisfy, wholly or partially, general education requirements are
    identified by a parenthesis near the end of the course description, e.g., (Humanities)
    or (Social Science). Courses not so marked do not meet these requirements even
    though there may be other courses in the same department that do.]
         a. FINE ARTS: One course (or the equivalent in half or quarter credits) chosen
              from the disciplines of Art, English, Music, Dance, and Theatre.
         b. HUMANITIES: Two courses chosen from two of the following disciplines:
              English, Foreign Language, History, Philosophy, Religion, Art History, Music,
              Theatre, or Education.
         c. SOCIAL SCIENCE: One chosen from one of the following disciplines:
              Anthropology, Economics and Business, Education, Kinesiology, Politics,
              Psychology, or Sociology.
         d. NATURAL SCIENCE: One course chosen from one of the following
              departments: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Environmental Studies,
              Geology, Kinesiology, or Physics.
         e. MATHEMATICS: One course chosen from the disciplines of Mathematics,
              Statistics, or Computer Science.
         f. FOREIGN LANGUAGE: Credit for one of the following: (1) French, German,
              Greek, Japanese, Latin, Russian, or Spanish 103; (2) one course above 103 in
              the target language if students test above 103 through an examination
              administered online prior to New Student Orientation; international students
              whose native language is other than English satisfy this requirement through

              completion of or exemption from the English as a Second Language program.

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