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220. Jazz History
Jazz in America from its roots in Africa and Western Europe to present-day styles and practices.
Open to all students. Offered every third year. Prerequisite: writing-designated course (W).

263. Women and Music
The roles of women in the history of Western music with special emphasis on the music of
women composers. Exploration of issues surrounding gender and musical style. In addition to
the Music major and minor, this course also counts toward the GSS major. Prerequisite: writing-
designated course (W). Ability to read music not required. (Humanities)

270-275. Topics in Music
Study of a selected topic. May be repeated for credit if content is different. See Topics Courses.

280/380. Internship: See Additional Academic Programs, All-College Independent Study
Courses 280/380.

290/390. Individual Project: See Additional Academic Programs, All-College Independent
Study Courses 290/390.

302. Song Literature
Investigation of the solo repertoire for the voice. Required of all majors in voice performance.
Open to others with permission of instructor. Offered upon request. No S/U option.

303. Service Playing and Arranging
Selecting music for the church service, the playing of the service, and the study of chanting.
Required of all students majoring in performance in organ. Prerequisite: permission of
instructor. Offered upon request. No S/U option.

304. Literature of the Major Instrument
Study of the repertoire available for the primary instrument. Required of all majors in
instrumental performance. Prerequisite: permission of instructor. No S/U option.

305. Orchestration (1/2)
Scoring for wind ensemble, orchestra, and chamber groups. Characteristics of modern
instruments. Prerequisite: MUS 310. Offered upon request. No S/U option.

306. Conducting I
Basic conducting skills for both vocal and instrumental ensembles. Baton technique, musical
styles and interpretations, rehearsal techniques, and score reading. Prerequisite: MUS 310. No

S/U option.

307. Piano Pedagogy (1/2)
Examination and discussion of current ideas and methods of teaching piano, including lectures,
observation of individual and class piano lessons, and supervised practice teaching. Required of
all piano performance majors. Open to other pianists with the permission of instructor.
Prerequisite: sophomore standing. Offered upon request, subject to availability of faculty. No

S/U option.

308. Vocal Pedagogy (1/2)
Historical and pedagogical development of the art of singing and a study of the physiology of the

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