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General Requirements for Degree Programs

The College encourages the creative structuring of a student's educational experiences by
offering a choice of three degree programs within the framework of a liberal education. These
programs, of equal validity and in accord with the aims of the College, are intended to
accommodate each student's abilities, interests, and needs. Programs range from a traditional
curriculum of course requirements, designed to ensure both breadth and depth, to a non-
traditional combination of courses, independent studies, and internships that meet specific
goals. For the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Music degrees, the goals have been set by the
Faculty. The Bachelor of Special Studies permits the student to define their own educational
objectives and to select the methods best suited to achieving them. To be eligible to receive any
one of the three degrees described below, students must:

1. be admitted to degree candidacy by the Dean of Admission. All students are admitted to
    Cornell as candidates for the degree of Bachelor of Arts and remain B.A. candidates,
    regardless of their intention, until they have filed for and been officially granted admission
    to another degree program.

2. file an application for graduation no later than October 1 of their senior year for graduation
    at the end of Block Four, Block Eight, or August of that academic year and have a conference
    with the Registrar. By filing this application for graduation, students formally declare their
    desire to be graduated during that academic year and register how they wish their name to
    appear on their diploma. Once the student has applied for graduation, an official audit of all
    credits earned and in progress will be conducted by the Registrar. The Registrar will inform
    the student and their academic advisor(s) of the requirements to be completed. No further
    check is made by the Registrar until after the start of the student's last Block at Cornell. The
    student, therefore, is responsible for fulfilling the conditions stated on the audit and for
    consulting the Registrar before changing any of the courses for which they were registered at
    the time the audit was done. Students who will be off campus during all or part of their
    senior year must reconfirm their status and credits with the Registrar at least one month
    before Commencement.

3. complete all the requirements for their degree program prior to Commencement, and settle
    their financial obligations to the College before the Monday preceding Commencement.
    Even though a student may complete the required work immediately following
    Commencement or during the succeeding summer, their degree will not be conferred nor a
    diploma awarded retroactively.

4. earn, at the very least, eight of their final 10 course credits in Blocks taken on the Cornell
    College campus from Cornell College faculty members unless granted permission by the
    Academic Standing Committee to participate in (1) a Combined Degrees Program, (2) an off-
    campus program approved by Cornell, or (3) an off-campus independent study supervised
    by a Cornell faculty member. Students who are admitted or readmitted with senior standing
    (23 or more course credits) must complete at least eight course credits at Cornell. If they
    intend to be graduated in fewer than 10 Blocks, a maximum of two courses may be at the 100
    level. (See also Credit by Transfer)

5. be recommended by formal vote of the Faculty and approved by the Board of Trustees on the
    basis of their satisfactory academic achievement and good campus citizenship, in accordance
    with the bylaws of the college.

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