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366-368. Topics in Modern Middle Eastern History
Topics vary according to specialization or interest of instructor. See Topics Courses.
Prerequisite: junior standing or permission of instructor. (Humanities)

369. Chicago: The Transformation of America's Second City, 1880-1940
This course offers students the opportunity to explore the history of Chicago and complete an
original research project based upon a first-hand exploration of the city and the holdings of the
Newberry Library. The seminar will examine the crucial years in Chicago's evolution from
regional center to metropolis by looking at the related themes of urbanization, industrialization,
and immigration. All of these developments are richly documented in the Newberry's
collections, which include archival materials pertaining to urban planning and architecture,
immigrant life, African American communities, industrial growth and labor relations, political
development, and diverse civic and commercial cultures. Drawing upon the Library's
collections, students will discover how the spatial formation of contemporary Chicago still
reflects its historical origins, and will have the opportunity to use these rare materials in crafting
their individual research papers. Prerequisite: junior standing or permission of instructor.
Offered every third year. No S/U option. (Humanities)

376-377. Topics in Asian History
See Topics Courses.

380. Internship in Public History
Application of historical concepts to an agency in the public sector (a museum, historical society,
historic preservation program), a government agency, or a corporation with a history program.
Prerequisites: junior standing and three courses in American history, at least two of which must
be at the 300 level. See Additional Academic Programs, All-College Independent Study Courses
280/380. No S/U option.

394. History and Theory
Survey of the influences in the field of history of Marxism, feminist theories, and theories of race
and ethnicity. Prerequisites: junior standing and three courses in History, at least two of which
must be at the 300-level. Offered subject to availability of faculty. No S/U option. (Humanities)

485. Research Tutorial
A project, taken after any 300-level History course, enabling a student to engage in additional
research on a theme related to that course. Prerequisites: a 300-level History course and
permission of instructor. No S/U option. (Humanities)

Interdepartmental Courses (INT)

121. Communication in Education
A focus on communication demands for educators provides the context for this course in which
students will give prepared speeches and group presentations intended for such audiences as
parents, community members, educational colleagues, and other education stakeholders.
Scenarios for class activities will feature issues of cross-cultural communication, nonverbal
behavior, and virtual communication media appropriate for school-home community
information sharing. This course is intended for students interested in pursuing a major in
education. Credit/No Credit (CR)

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