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200- and 300-level Education courses and approval of the Education Department. (CR)
(Teacher Preparation)

450/460/470/471. Music Student Teaching I-IV

483. Senior Seminar
Students complete this capstone course upon conclusion of their student teaching. Involves
critical examination of current educational controversies, reform ideas, ethical considerations,
legal questions, and administrative problems facing modern American education. Students
complete a detailed professional portfolio and, a five-year professional development plan.
Credit/No Credit (CR). (Teacher Preparation)

Engineering Sciences (EGR)

See Physics and Engineering Sciences

English and Creative Writing (ENG)

Rebecca Entel, Glenn Freeman (chair), Leslie K. Hankins, Michelle Mouton, Shannon Reed,
Kirilka Stavreva

Fosters a general understanding of English and American literary history while enabling
students to concentrate in one of three areas in the field of English: literature; creative writing;
or film studies.

Major: Must complete a minimum of 11 courses at the 200, 300, or 400-level (must complete
10 courses if the course for #2 below simultaneously fulfills another requirement), to include the

1. Two of the following foundation courses in the field of English, one of which must be in the
    area of concentration (recommended to be completed by the end of sophomore year): ENG
    201, 202, or 215.

2. One of the following courses with emphasis on social and/or global issues (may
    simultaneously fulfill one additional requirement for the English major if eligible): ENG
    240, 311, 327, 347 (when offered at the Wilderness Station), 350, 351, 267/367, 370, any
    200- or 300-level literature course offered by the Classical and Modern Languages
    Department, (except FRE 311, GER 311, SPA 311).

3. One elective in the department.
4. One of the following concentrations:

    a. Literature
        i. Four courses, to be distributed among at least three of the following literary-
              historical groups; at least one course must be from the Medieval and Renaissance
              1. Medieval and Renaissance Literature: ENG 321-327;
              2. Restoration and 18th Century: ENG 328, 329, 331, 332;
              3. 19th-Century Literature: ENG 333, 334, 343, 345; 351 (depending on topic)
              4. 20th-21st Century: ENG 335, 336, 347, 350, 351 (depending on topic), 361, 363,
                   364, 365 (depending on topic), 267/367;
       ii. One course from ENG 311, 319, 371;

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