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Students are encouraged to complete the online reading endorsement courses
prior to graduation (EDU 330, 340, 350, and 360). If recommended by the Education
Department, the completion of the Elementary Education major qualifies students for K-6
teaching certification in the State of Iowa. Students considering relocation to another state after
graduation should check licensure requirements with the state’s Department of Education.

Certification Tracks

The Education Department offers coursework toward the completion of licensure requirements
in several endorsement areas in conjunction with an approved major. Students must follow their
major requirements in addition to satisfying each of the licensure requirements described

Note: If students choose to pursue a BSS degree, they must check with an education professor
to make sure they are meeting the general education requirements as stipulated by the State of

Secondary Certification (Grades 5-12) in Social Studies, English/Language Arts,
Foreign Language, Mathematics, and Science

• Foundational Courses: EDU 205, 215, 230, and 240
• EDU 328 Reading in the Content Areas
• EDU 301 Secondary Curriculum and Instruction

• In addition, students should take the courses as specified by the following endorsement
         • Social Studies:
                      • major in History, Economics/Business, Politics, Sociology, or Psychology
                      • EDU 306
                      • Social studies students in ECB, POL, SOC, and PSY are strongly advised to
                        include four courses in history (American and world)
         • Science:
                      • major in Biology, Chemistry, Geology, or Physics
                      • EDU 307
         • English/Language Arts:
                      • major in English (to include ENG 311)
                      • EDU 302
                      • INT 121
         • Foreign Language:
                      • major in Spanish, French, Latin (individualized), Russian, or German
                      • EDU 304
         • Mathematics:
                      • Major in Mathematics (to include MAT 231)
                      • EDU 305

• EDU 410, 420, and 430 (Student Teaching)
• EDU 483

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