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321. Macroeconomics Seminar
An investigation into why rich countries are rich and poor countries are poor. Macroeconomic
growth theory will be examined in an attempt to explain why some countries have experienced
growth miracles and others have been growth disasters. Course may be taught overseas in
alternate years. Prerequisite: ECB 302. (Social Science)

323. International Economics Seminar
Theory of international specialization and world trade, the institutions and mechanisms of
world trade and payments, and major policy issues of concern to both industrial and developing
economies. Course may be taught overseas in alternate years. Prerequisite: ECB 302. (Social

337. Economics of Recessions and Depressions
Investigation into the causes and economics of recessions, depressions, and expansions.
Included will be a broad review of the history of macroeconomic thought, the development of
which has focused on explaining business cycles. The Great Depression will be examined in
detail. An introduction to business forecasting will also be covered. Prerequisite: ECB 302.
Alternate years. (Social Science)

340. Econometrics
Introduction to the use of statistics in economics and business, employing economic theory and
real-world data in order to predict future demand for a product and to forecast levels of inflation
and unemployment. Statistical methods include cross-section and time series analysis, and
single and multivariate regression. Prerequisites: ECB 101, ECB 102, and STA 201 or STA 348.
Alternate years.

341. Mathematical Economics
Application of mathematical techniques to economic analysis, with emphasis on the theory of
demand and the theory of the firm. Constrained and unconstrained optimization. Decision-
making under uncertainty. Prerequisites: ECB 102 and MAT 120 or MAT 121. Alternate years.
(Social Science)

351. Financial Management
Analytic tools of economics and accounting applied to a firm's financial value. Economics of the
securities and financial markets in which firms obtain capital. Prerequisite: ECB 253. (Social

352. Financial Management Seminar
This course examines options and futures markets, serving as an introduction to the dynamic
world of derivatives. Topics of the course include options pricing models, trading strategies,
forwards vs. futures, and risk management. Prerequisites: ECB 151, ECB 301 or 302, and ECB
210, 225, or 243. (Social Science)

353. Business Analytics I
This is the first of two courses that introduces students to core methods of business analytics.
The course covers data mining and regression models. Topics may include association rules,
cluster analysis, logistic regression. Using the case method and quantitative techniques,
students will collaboratively address complex and multi-dimensional business problems.
Prerequisites: STA 202 or STA 348.

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