Terry and Marlyse Strait established the Alex Strait Memorial Travel Fund to disburse scholarships in their son’s memory. Alex, a member of the class of 2005, was a biochemistry and molecular biology major who valued his off-campus experiences. His family wishes to support off-campus study that provides a unique view of the world, is a true hands-on learning experience, and contributes to future successes in science.

Eligibility requirements

If you are a Cornell student majoring in biology or biochemistry and molecular biology, you might be considered for the Alex Strait Memorial Scholarship. The International Studies Oversight Committee (ISOC) determines if the Alex Strait Memorial Scholarship is the appropriate funding source and the award amount based off of your scholarship application materials.

The ISOC considers the following criteria when determining your eligibility:

  • You are a Cornell student majoring in biology or biochemistry and molecular biology
  • You desire to study off-campus
  • Your academic standing
  • Your transcripts
  • Your statement of purpose in the form of a letter addressed to the Strait family
  • The cost of your trip

Students participating in off-campus internships sponsored by the Berry Career Institute, Dimensions, or the Cornell Fellows program are not eligible. If you have received a Class of ’55 Award, you are not eligible. If you have previously received the Alex Strait Memorial Scholarship, you are not eligible.

Get started

Make sure to review the registration process for an off-campus studies course. If you’ve already registered for an off-campus studies course, great! Now, you should apply for scholarships.