France off-campus studies trip

The Susan Boehm Schimmel '66 Study in France Fund was established in 2019 by Richard Schimmel '66 in memory of his wife. Susan majored in French at Cornell and taught high school French. Traveling in France, experiencing what she had taught meant a great deal to Susan and Rick. This scholarship provides support for students so they can experience firsthand the art, history, and culture of France during their undergraduate studies at Cornell.

Eligibility requirements

If you are applying to study off-campus in France, you are eligible for this scholarship. The International Studies Oversight Committee (ISOC) determines if the Susan Boehm Schimmel ’66 Study in France Fund is the appropriate funding source and the award amount based off of your scholarship application materials.

The ISOC considers the following criteria when determining your eligibility:

  • You are a Cornell student applying to study in France.

Get started

Make sure to review the registration process for studying off-campus.