David and Lucy Levy established The Catherine “Cat” Levy Off-Campus Scholarship Fund in memory of their daughter, Catherine “Cat” Levy, a member of the Class of 1998. Cat, an art major with a minor in art history and an emphasis in pottery, was an accomplished artist. She planned to open a ceramics shop and pottery studio. She was also active in the production and technical crews of Cornell stage productions and was a member of the Chess and Games Club.

Eligibility requirements

If you want to take a Cornell off-campus studies course or program taught by Cornell faculty, you might be considered for the Levy Scholarship. The International Studies Oversight Committee (ISOC) determines if the Levy Scholarship is the appropriate funding source and the award amount based off of your scholarship application materials.

The ISOC considers the following criteria when determining your eligibility:

  • The Cornell course or program is taught by Cornell faculty
  • You must be in good standing with the College
  • Your financial need
  • Although not required, a preference will be shown towards you if you are concentrating your studies in the areas of art, English, or theatre
  • You cannot have already received a Levy Scholarship

The Levy Scholarship will not impact any established financial assistance.

Get started

Make sure to review the registration process for an off-campus studies course. If you’ve already registered for an off-campus studies course, great! Now, you should apply for scholarships.