Professor Emeritus of German Charles Connell knows what studying abroad can do for a student. Being immersed in another culture and language gives students perspectives and teaches them skills that they can’t learn in a classroom in the United States. Professor Connell spent four transformative semesters as a student in Germany. His study abroad experiences set him on his path toward a teaching career in German.

After retiring from 44 years of teaching at Cornell (1968-2012), he gave a gift to start The Connell Family International Off-Campus Endowment Fund. He wants recipients to use the scholarship to gain personal knowledge of another culture in order to become responsible citizens of the world, able to compare and contrast their native culture with that of another culture, both positively and negatively.

Eligibility requirements

If you are a Cornell student with demonstrated financial need planning to participate in an international off-campus study opportunity, you may be eligible for the Connell Scholarship. The International Studies Oversight Committee (ISOC) determines if the Connell Family Fund is the appropriate funding source and the award amount based off of your scholarship application materials.

The ISOC considers the following criteria when determining your eligibility:

  • You are a Cornell student interested in participating in international off-campus study
  • You have demonstrated financial need
  • You are in good academic standing

Preferences will be given to students who have not previously taken an off-campus course.

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Get started

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