The Bob Black Wilderness Field Term Fund was established to honor the dedication and enthusiasm of Professor Bob Black. Professor Black sought to provide students with life-changing experiences in the remote setting of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in Northern Minnesota.

Professor Black was instrumental in establishing the Cornell Wilderness Term, which offers unique opportunities to engage in field, laboratory, and other creative work through off-campus courses in the sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities. Professor Black’s guidance in establishing and maintaining the Wilderness Term has helped many Cornell students gain a much greater appreciation for the personal and academic value of the wilderness.

Eligibility requirements

If you are a Cornell student enrolled in any off-campus course taking place in the Boundary Waters of Northern Minnesota (Wilderness Field Station), you may be eligible for the Bob Black Wilderness Field Term Award. The International Studies Oversight Committee (ISOC) determines if the Bob Black Wilderness Field Term Fund is the appropriate funding source and the award amount based off of your scholarship application materials.

The ISOC considers the following criteria when determining your eligibility:

  • You are a Cornell student enrolled in a Cornell off-campus course at the Wilderness Field Station in Northern Minnesota.

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