Requirements and placement testing

All students from nations in which English is not the native language are required to take written tests in English at Cornell College prior to their first registration. These tests will be used for placement in the courses in English as a Second Language. The Coordinator of the ESL program, in consultation with the instructors and the student, will determine when the student may be permitted to register for courses in other departments. Coordinator: Lynne Ikach

Course descriptions

103. Elementary English as a Second Language
Rapid survey of English grammar. Intensive drills designed to improve practical skills in reading, writing, listening comprehension, and speaking. Continued practice in writing paragraphs. Discussions about American culture and history.

204. Intermediate English as a Second Language I
For students with an intermediate proficiency in English. Continued acquisition of language skills. Review of English grammar. Readings emphasize American culture. Daily short writing assignments. Introduction to the library, note taking, and paraphrasing. Prerequisite: ESL 103.

205. Intermediate English as a Second Language II
Continued grammar review. Greater emphasis on extensive reading. Practice in expository writing, paraphrasing, and summaries. Introduction to annotated writing. Prerequisite: ESL 204.

306. Advanced English as a Second Language
For students with a minimal or a partial academic proficiency in English. Instruction in writing expository and argumentative prose. Practice in writing a short research paper. Readings in academic subjects. The class may visit other courses. Prerequisite: ESL 205.

390. Individual Project: See Additional Academic Programs, All-College Independent Study Courses 290/390.