You can view a list of upcoming classes using the search tab in the upper left.

Searching the Course Schedule (Basic Search)

  1. Click on the Search tab
  2. Click on Section Search
  3. For a basic search enter the keywords, period, and session
    • It is important to set the period to the current academic school year.  If you do not you will get future courses as well as current courses.
    • You can set the Session to a specific block to narrow your search by block.
    • After you have searched you can narrow your search by department or subtype using the dropdowns at the top of the page.

Searching the Course Schedule (Advanced Search)

You can do a more in depth search using the advanced search.

  1. Click on the search tab
  2. Click on Section Search
  3. Click on Advanced Search
    • Enter as much information as you wish to search the advanced search
    • You can search for current classes by selecting the current academic year with the period drop down
    • Once you have searched you can refine your search with the column on the left.  It allows you to sort the results, change your search, perform a new search, and more
    • You can view courses for first year students by changing the Class Level drop down box to First Year
    • Courses with a red book icon are closed courses (a green book icon indicates an open course)
    • You can view only open courses by clicking the Open Sections Only link in the upper left