Accessing Self Service and Logging In

Once you have logged into Self Service you should see several tabs across the top of the screen.

Student Tabs in Self Service

The home tab has information for potential and admitted students as well as a link to the online Giving page.

Self Service Student Classes Tab

The classes tab allows you to see your course schedule.   The schedule link shows you all of the courses you are currently enrolled in and is sorted by block. Clicking on a course will give you additional information about that course.

Self Service Student Finances Tab

The finances tab shows you information on financial aid, current balances,  monthly statement, and pay balances.  The balance tab allows you to see your balance and a detailed list of charges/credits. The Statement tab will show you monthly statements for the current year.  The financial aid tab lists all of your financial assistance information.  Make a payment allows you to pay your tuition online or setup a payment plan.

Self Service Student Grades Tab

The grades tab allows you to see you unofficial transcript (summary of grades), request an official transcript, or see a grade report by year.

Self Service Student Search Tab

The Search tab allows you to view the course catalog or search the course schedule.  When searching the schedule make sure to select the current academic year in the period drop down. You can find out more about search specifics on the Search Help Page.

Self Service Student My Profile Tab

The My Profile tab will show you Account Information and your preferred address. This includes your student ID as well as your email address.