Remote Desktop access is available for employees to access their Cornell College laptop from a personal Windows or Mac system.

Remote Desktop is supported on personal devices which meet the Cornell College System Requirements. It allows control of your college-issued laptop from a remote location and affords access to your normal programs and services.  

Remote Desktop Setup
Before beginning, make sure you have the following:

  1. Computer Name
  2. Right click your Start Menu, choose System, note the Device Name.

Enter an IT Help Desk ticket for our staff to enable remote access to your laptop.

Windows Remote Desktop Connection

  1. Open Remote Desktop from your home computer: Start Menu > All Programs > Accessories > Remote Desktop Connection (or search your Start Menu for "Remote Desktop Connection"
  2. Click Options, Advanced Tab
  3. Click the Settings button under Connect from anywhere
  4. Input the following: 
    IT remote desktop
    • Use these RD Gateway server settings
    • Server name:
    • Bypass RD Gateway server for local addresses
  5. Select OK, and go back to the General Tab
  6. Input your office computer name (Right-click My Computer - Properties, Select the Computer name tab)
  7. Click Save as, and save this rdp file to your desktop and name it
  8. Click Connect, and input your email address and password

Apple OS X Remote Desktop Connection

A device running OS X must first install the Microsoft Remote Desktop app from the App Store

  • This application is free but does require a valid AppleID in order to download
  • Search the app store for "Microsoft Remote Desktop" and install the following app:IT remote install
      1. Launch the Microsoft Remote Desktop app
      2. Add a Remote Desktop Gateway
        • Click Preferences
        • Ensure the Gateway option is selected
        • Click the + sign to add a new gateway
          • Gateway name:
          • Server:
          • User name: CORNELL-COLLEGE\YourUsernameHere (CORNELL-COLLEGE\JDoe)
          • Password: leave blankIT remote apple2
      3. When finished, close the Preferences window
      4. Add your Remote Desktop connection
        • Click New
        • Enter the following:
          • Connection name: can be anything you choose. For example, Cornell Office PC
          • PC name: the computer name of your Cornell computer (Right-Click My Computer - Properties, Select the Computer name tab.)
          • Gateway: choose the Gateway we created in Step 3
          • User name: CORNELL-COLLEGE\YourUsername (CORNELL-COLLEGE\JDoe)
          • Password: leave blank
          • The other options can stay as defaultIT remote apple
          • When finished, close the Remote Desktop Window
      5. Connect your Remote Desktop
        • From the main Microsoft Remote Desktop window, highlight your connection, then choose Start
        • Your username should be auto-filled from the remote desktop connection; if not, enter it as CORNELL-COLLEGE\JDoe
        • Enter your Cornell College password when prompted

      Note: Your remote access experience may vary from day-to-day depending on issues such as the condition of your home computer, the number of Cornell employees accessing the remote system simultaneously, and the amount of Internet traffic being generated by our students. Although it is our goal and expectation to make this service function at a high level, due to these issues, this service does not fall into the Information Technology 24x7 support category.