Cornell students perform at Kimmell Theatre.

If you have a strong interest in theatre or plan on pursuing a degree in a theatre discipline, you should apply for a Cornell College Theatre and B.F.A. Award.  

Cornell College Theatre and B.F.A. Award eligibility 

Any Cornell College student is eligible for a theatre award which is given in addition to your academic merit scholarship. To maintain the theatre award, participation is required but you do not need to declare theatre as a major or minor to qualify.

Steps for eligibility Deadline
Complete your fine arts scholarship application. 
Students interested in Fine Arts Awards after April 1 should contact Evelyn Rush, Visual and Performing Arts Recruiter,
April 1, 2022
Complete your audition.
Complete your admissions application and be admitted to Cornell College. You may complete your fine arts scholarship application at any time during your application to the college. Neither is a prerequisite.

*Theatre and Dance Awards are competitive and a limited quantity is available, so submit your application and complete your audition as early as possible for consideration.

Audition information

Contact Visual and Performing Arts Recruiter Evelyn Rush for more details.

Here's what you'll need to prepare for your theatre award audition:

  • Headshot photo (8x10).
  • Theatre resume.
  • Letter of recommendation from a theatre teacher or director.
  • Actors: we need two contrasting monologues.
  • Playwrights: we need a sample of your writing.
  • Theatre techs and designers: we need a hard copy or electronic portfolio displaying photos of your work.
  • Directors: we need any pre-production materials generated as part of a Director's notebook.

If you are auditioning for the B.F.A. Program

Students auditioning for the B.F.A. Program are required to audition live, either via Zoom or on-campus. One theatre, music, and dance faculty member will be present at B.F.A. auditions.

For on-campus auditions: If you require an accompanist for your audition, please provide copies of your accompaniment and notification of need to Evelyn Rush ( at least two weeks prior to your scheduled audition date. If you are unable to provide copies, please contact Evelyn to make arrangements.

  • Prepare and present two contrasting Broadway Musical selections (16 - 32 bars), totaling a 3-minute package with piano accompaniment.
    • Piano accompaniments can be live or recorded for virtual auditions. An accompanist will be available for on-campus auditions provided enough notice is given.
  • Prepare and present a 1-minute contemporary monologue (written 1980 - present day).
    • This must be from a published play, not a monologue book.
  • Provide a copy of your headshot and resume.
    • Please bring physical copies for an on-campus audition.
  • Dance component: A minimum 2-minute movement solo, showcasing a variety of dance styles as shows your skill sets.
    • As part of an on-campus audition or Fine Arts Day, a student may substitute this portion by attending one dance class on campus. For virtual auditions, this movement submission can be pre-recorded and sent as a link.

B.F.A. Auditions will also include a sight reading and scales component, as well as an informal interview.

Fine Arts Scholarship Audition Day

Our next Fine Arts & Audition Day is Friday, December 3. This event is a great opportunity to learn more about campus and Mount Vernon as well as complete your audition. 

Scheduling an on-campus audition

Make sure to schedule an audition at least two weeks in advance. We’ll do our best to coordinate with the professors who will manage your audition. Contact Visual and Performing Arts Recruiter Evelyn Rush for any scheduling help or questions.

Video auditions

Send us a link on your fine arts scholarship application to a YouTube or website video of your audition by the deadline.

Acting audition guidelines
Perform two contrasting monologues, either contemporary vs. classical, or comedic vs. dramatic. 
Each monologue must not exceed 90 seconds.
Singing or other musical performance is encouraged but not required. 
An on-campus or live virtual audition is preferred, but you may send us a link to a website with your audition performance.
During the scheduled audition you will meet with a theatre professor and discuss the program, talk about your interests in theatre, and be given the chance to ask questions. 
You will complete an interview with the theatre faculty as part of your audition either in person or online. If you submit pre-recorded materials, a virtual interview will be scheduled after your materials are submitted.

Cornell College Theatre and Dance Scholarship and award renewal

You can renew your scholarship or award annually (up to four years) as long as you maintain satisfactory academic progress and fulfill the expectations as outlined. 

Attend monthly theatre Block meetings.
Complete one course in the Department of Theatre per academic year. 
Participate in one mainstage production each year in a position that requires a minimum of 30 hours of participation.

Get started

What do you do next? If you haven't completed your Fine Arts Scholarship Application yet, get started today! If you would like to set up a campus visit with fine arts faculty or have any additional questions, contact Visual and Performing Arts Recruiter Evelyn Rush