The Cornell College Board of Trustees is the governing body of the College. The Board elects the President and formulates policies governing the operation of the College that are necessary to carry out the College's mission—its educational programs, its financial affairs, the physical plant, and the quality of student life. The Board consists of up to 40 members—39 elected Trustees and the President, who serves ex officio. The Board meets a minimum of three times a year. Under the terms of the Bylaws, the Trustees are elected in three approximately equal classes, each for a term of three years. Trustees are eligible to serve three consecutive three-year terms, after which the Trustee will rotate off the Board for a minimum of one year. 

Standing Committees of the Board of Trustees are the Executive Committee, Audit and Assessment Committee, Governance Committee, Investment Committee, and four policy committees:

  • Academic Affairs Policy Committee
  • Financial Affairs Policy Committee
  • Enrollment Policy Committee
  • Student Experience Policy Committee

The officers of the Board of Trustees are the Board Chair, Chair-Elect, President of the College, Secretary, and Treasurer. The officers are elected annually by the Board. The Executive Committee consists of the Board Chair, Immediate Past Chair, Chair-Elect, Chairs of the Policy Committees, Chair of the Governance Committee, President of the College, and up to three (3) At-Large Trustees. The Board supports policy that is in the best interest of the College to further its mission, its excellence, and the ways and means to ensure its successful future.