Cornell Fellows are placed in a wide variety of professional roles and industries across the United States. During the course of what is normally an eight-week experience, Fellows accomplish tangible and complex projects that allow them to contribute to their host organization as well as develop significant insight into a potential career path.

SUMMER 2016:

Brianna Bryant '17
Arthur Vining Davis Fellow in Clinical Psychology
University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics; Iowa City, IA

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Robin Bulger '17
Rogers Fellow in Environmental Studies
Baruch Institute for Marine & Coastal Sciences; Georgetown, SC

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Mitchell Chapman '17
Paxton Fellow in Theater Design
Puppet Kitchen; New York City, NY

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Cairo Eubanks '17
Watson International Fellow in Political Research
Law Offices of Andrea Moore; Kingston, Jamaica

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Kira Fish '18
Knapp Fellow in Animal Behavior and Conservation
Sea World; Orlando, FL

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Jessica Freeman '17
Arthur Vining Davis Fellow in Psychology
Miami University of Ohio, Department of Psychology; Oxford, OH

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Kendall Glennon '18
Andrews Fellow in Nonprofit & Community Education
Project Rousseau, Hyde Park Academy; Chicago, IL

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Jeannette Guerra '17
Arthur Vining Davis Fellow in Biological Sciences and Entomology
University of Georgia Department of Entomology; Athens, GA

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Amy Harrison '18
Stimson Fellow in Museum Studies
African American Museum of Iowa; Cedar Rapids, IA

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Andrew Havens '17
Tomlinson Fellow in Representative Government
Office of Congressman Dave Loebsack; Washington, D.C.

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Emma Kaboli '17
Skinner International Fellow in American Diplomacy
U.S. Embassy in Argentina: Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Elena Khalimonova '17
Johnston Fellow in Non-Profit Outreach
Bread for the World; Washington, D.C.

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Clint McDaniel '17
Arthur Vining Davis Fellow in Pharmacology
University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine; Iowa City, IA

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Shashanna Moll '17
Becker Fellow in Research
University of Chicago Medical Center; Chicago, IL

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Spencer Rudnick '17 
Platner Fellow in Web Services Engineering
Symposia; Baltimore, MD

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Enrique Smith '17
Arthur Vining Davis Fellow in Biostatistics
Loyola University of Chicago Stritch School of Medicine; Chicago, IL

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Sydney Strunk '17
Dimensions Fellow in Research
Children's Hospital Colorado; Aurora, CO

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Kaylin Voss '17
Arthur Vining Davis Fellow in Strategic Communications
University of Iowa Sustainability Center; Iowa City, IA

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Donna Warfield '17 
Slater Fellow in Theatrical Development
Creede Repertory Theatre; Creede, CO

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Ashley Brodell '16
Miller Fellow in Behavioral Neuroscience
University of Iowa; Iowa City, IA

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Mariah Brandly '16
Benjamin International Fellow in Elementary Education
St. Matthew's National School; Dublin, Ireland

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Elizabeth Flick '16
Arthur Vining Davis Fellow in Translation
University of Iowa Labor Center; Iowa City, IA

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Katelynn Raney '16
Kurtz Fellow in Grassroots Advocacy
Global Zero; Washington, D.C. 

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Bailey Robb '16
Hosford Fellow in Philosophy and Environmental Ethics
Ubelong; Amazon, Ecuador  

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Kristal Viera '16
Wallman Fellow in Art History
Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico; Santurce, Puerto Rico

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