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Cornell College is a private, four-year residential institution based in Mt. Vernon, Iowa, that delivers its academic content through a unique One Course At A Time calendar. In the tradition of the liberal arts, students are challenged to think critically through creative problem solving and ongoing intellectual exploration, and our Berry Career Institute works with students to prepare them for the future through impactful experiential learning (internships, research experiences, global pursuits, and high-level community service engagement).

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How One Course At A Time prepares students for work

One Course At A Time is precisely what it sounds like. Every student takes one academic class at a time for three and a half weeks, followed by a four-day weekend, and we repeat that routine eight times each year. These three-and-a-half-week courses are often referred to as "blocks," while the four-day weekends are referred to as "block breaks."

With a whole semester worth of content condensed into three and a half weeks, our students consume and apply a week's worth of content every day. The takeaway - Cornell students develop solid time management skills, a career competency every employer seeks in early career hires.

Employer to student connections via Handshake

Handshake is an online database system connecting students, alumni, and employers throughout the job search. Students search for and learn about organizations and apply to opportunities directly through the system. Employers can post jobs and internships and easily search student resumes for direct connections.

As the most trusted college recruiting platform, Handshake enables employers to connect with students through targeted outreach, dynamic branding, and digital features like virtual career fairs and events.

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Ways to partner with Berry Career Institute

Internship and Early Career Recruiting

Many Cornell students take advantage of both traditional summer internships and internships during the academic year. Whether for a month or a few, with proper planning, a student can complete an internship block(s) for academic credit during the traditional school year. Additionally, summer internships can be extended by combining them with the first or last block of the academic year.

Career Tours

Cornell's career tour program brings students off campus during block breaks to visit a variety of employer markets. Students benefit from informal networking, panel discussions, and site tours while employers and industry professionals gain exposure to top internship and entry-level talent. Recent tours have included trips to Iowa City-Cedar Rapids (ICR), Chicago, Minneapolis, Des Moines, and Washington D.C., and we're interested in coming to a city near you.

Classroom Visits and Skills-Building Workshops

The Berry Career Institute partners with faculty from various disciplines to bring real-world organizational problems into the classroom. These problems are met with real solutions during our accelerated One Course learning model. If you have an organizational issue that needs to be addressed and solved in a short period of time, we will work with our faculty to identify a course appropriate for examining the issue and providing creative and analytical solutions while giving valuable experience to Cornell students.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

"The African American Museum of Iowa has hosted Cornell College students as summer interns in our Curatorial department for several years now. We have found the caliber of Cornell students to be exceptional from their professionalism to their eagerness to dive into whatever project we throw at them. The energy they bring to our institution makes it a joy to be a part of their learning experience."

- Felicite W.
African American Museum of Iowa
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

"Working with Cornell students for over a decade has been a real privilege and a tremendously rewarding experience. Cornell students bring a consistently excellent knowledge base, an inquisitive spirit, and a sincere dedication and serious work ethic. Given the superb quality of Cornell College students, renewing our relationship with Cornell annually to host one of their students in the summer is a really easy decision!"

- Erik K. S., M.D.
Mayo Clinic, Center for Sleep Medicine
Rochester, Minnesota

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