Hometown: Castle Rock, Colorado

About me: I am a 1996 graduate of Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana, with a B.A. in Sociology. My professional career includes over 15 years in higher education, with a smattering of finance, professional sports, and community based non-profit work. I enjoy going on adventures with my family, especially activities in national parks and cross country road trips.

One place I recommend students visit on campus: Cole Library. It serves as both the library of Cornell College and the public library for the city of Mount Vernon. There are great views, great books, great resources, and a Lego Club, which allows local kids to display their creations like works of art in a great museum.

What I can do for you: I like to think of my admission counselor role as that of a great tour guide. It's my honor to help students along in their journey to find the right college. There are a lot of options to consider, so I'm available to answer questions, provide support, make suggestions, and do my best to help in any manner possible. Maybe most importantly, I hope to make the search process more enjoyable and less stressful.