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Academic History

  • Ph.D. University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama
  • M.A. California State University, Sacramento, California
  • B.A. Earlham College, Richmond, Indiana


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Courses taught in the Department of English and Creative Writing

  • First-year Writing seminar topic: Exiles, Immigrants, and Nationalists
  • First-year Writing seminar topic: Science, Fiction, and Culture
  • Introduction to the Study of Literature
  • Introduction to the Study of Film
  • Milton
  • Eighteenth-century Satire
  • Eighteenth-century Fiction
  • Grammar and the Politics of the English Language
  • Advanced Writing
  • Senior Seminar
  • Senior Workshop

Courses taught in the Department of Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies

  • Social Justice Perspectives and Practices


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  • “Entering the Chaos of the Human Mind: The Clark Library’s Collection of Commonplace-books.”  The Center and Clark Newsletter 52 (2010): 9-11.

  • "Layering Knowledge: Information Literacy as Critical Thinking in the Literature Classroom."  with Kirilka Stavreva.  Pedagogy 6.3 (2006): 435-452.

  • "The Journey from Graduate School to the Liberal Arts College, or I Wasn't Supposed to Get a Job."  ADE Bulletin 138-139 (2005-2006): 76-81.

  • Book Review.  The Bawdy Politic in Stuart England, 1660-1714: Political Pornography and Prostitution. By Melissa M. Mowry.  Renaissance Quarterly 58 (2005): 1421-1422.

  • "Who Is Afraid of the Pardoner?" Journal x 5.1-2 (Autumn 2000-Spring 2001): 109-116.