• Marty Condon

    Marty Condon

    Professor of Biology

Academic History

  • PhD, University of Texas, Austin
  • BS, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • Postdoctoral Experience:
    • Duke University
    • Smithsonian Institution
    • University of Maryland


  • Asterisks (*) indicate undergraduate authors on publications

  • Condon, M.A., S.J. Scheffer, M.L. Lewis, R. Wharton, D.C. Adams, A.A. Forbes. 2014. Lethal interactions between parasites and prey increase niche diversity in a tropical community. Science 343:1240-1244. Condon et al. 2014 main text Condon et al. supplementary material 

  • Condon, M., S.J. Scheffer, M.L. Lewis, S.M. Swensen. 2008. Hidden neotropical diversity: greater than the sum of its parts. Science 320: 928-931. cover of science 16 may08.gif , Science 16 May 2008 p928.pdf , Supplementary Material

  • Buffington, M.L., M. Condon. 2013. The description and bionomics of Tropideucoila blepharoneurae Buffington & Condon, new species (Hymenoptera: Figitidae: Zaecoilini), parasitoid of Blepharoneura  Loew fruit flies (Tephritidae). Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington 115: 349-357. Buffington & Condon 2013.pdf 

  • Forbes, A.A., P.H. Kelly, K.A. Middleton*, M.A. Condon. 2012. Genetically differentiated races and speciation-with-gene-flow in the sunflower maggot, Strauzia longipennis. Evolutionary Ecology. DOI 10.1007/s10682-012-9622-y. Forbes et al 2013.pdf 

  • Norrbom, A.L., M.A. Condon. 2010. A revision of the femoralis group of Blepharoneura Lowe (Diptera: Tephritidae). Zootaxa 2374: 1-139. Norrbom & Condon 2010.pdf 

  • Axen*, H.J., J.L. Harrison*, J.R. Gammons*, I.G. McNish*, L.D. Blythe*, M.A. Condon. 2010. Incipient speciation in Strauzia longipennis (Diptera: Tephritidae): two sympatric mitochondrial lineages in eastern Iowa. Annals of the Entomological Society of America 103: 11-19. Axen et al 2010.pdf 

  • Marsteller*, S., D.C. Adams, M.L. Collyer, M. Condon 2009. Six cryptic species on a single species of host plant: morphometric evidence for possible reproductive character displacement. Ecological Entomology 34: 66-73. Marsteller et al 2009.pdf 

  • Condon, M., D. C. Adams, D. Bann*, K. Flaherty*, J. Gammons*, J. Johnson* M.L. Lewis, Marsteller*, S.J. Scheffer, F. Serna*, S. Swensen. 2008. Uncovering tropical diversity: six sympatric crypticspecies of Blepharoneura (Diptera: Tephritidae) inflowers of Gurania spinulosa (Cucurbitaceae) ineastern Ecuador. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 93: 779-797. Condon et al 08 biol j linn soc.pdf 

  • Kalko, E.K. & M.A. Condon. 1998. Echolocation, olfaction and fruit display: how bats find fruit of flagellichorous cucurbits. Functional Ecology  12: 364-372. kalko & condon 1998.pdf 

  • Condon, M.A. 1995. Biodiversity, systematics, and Tom Sawyer Science. Conservation Biology 9: 711-714.Condon 1995.pdf 


  • NSF= National Science Foundation; REU= Resarch Experience for Undergraduates (funding for students); bRET= Research Experience for Teachers (funding for teachers)
  • NSF DEB-0949361 RUI Collaborative Research: Untangling tropical diversity: a phylogenetic analysis of tritrophic interactions $270,769
  • NSF DEB-1314394 (REU 2013) $14,992
  • NSF DEB-1314395 (REU 2013) $15,123 
  • NSF DEB-120874 (REU  2012) $7,496
  • NSF DEB-208745 (RET 2012) $15,000
  • NSF DEB-1111937 (REU 2011) $ 7,500
  • NSF DEB-1030983 (REU 2010) $24,380
  • NSF DEB-1029489 Primarily Undergraduate Institutions: A Resource for
  • Systematics Research (Co-PI, with James Smith & Richard Clopton) $ 52,823
  • NSF DEB-0330845 RUI: Collaborative: Evolution of Host Use by Blepharoneura (Diptera: Tephritidae) on Guraniinae (Cucurbitaceae) $77,651
  • NSF DEB-0620743 (REU 2006) $7,280
  • NSF DEB-051435 International Research Supplement  $9,295
  • NSF DEB-0522273 (REU 2005) $15,450
  • NSF DEB-0422721 (REU 2004)  $20,430
  • NSF Research Opportunity Award (supplement DEB-0446758 to Dean Adams)  $25,719


  • Campbell McConnell Fellowship $ 10,705
  • McConnell Travel Fund (Suriname) $2,500
  • Student-Faculty Research Awards every year (except 2011) since 1997

Courses Taught

  • Plant Morphology (BIO 209)
  • Plant Systematics (BIO 332)
  • Evolution (BIO 211)
  • Biological Problems (BIO/BMB 485)
  • "Food and Sex: an Evolutionary Perspective" (BIO 108)
  • "Sex Lives and the Diversity of Life: an Evolutionary Approach" (BIO 108)
  • "Diversity: an Evolutionary Perspective" (BIO 108)