Academic History

  • PhD in Chemistry, Caltech, 1989
  • BA in Chemistry, minor in Biology, Whitman College, 1982

Courses Taught

  • CHE 108:  Chemistry of Global Health Issues (First-year seminar)
  • CHE 121:  Chemical Principles I
  • CHE 122:  Chemical Principles II
  • CHE 161:  Accelerated General Chemistry
  • CHE 202:  Analytical Chemistry
  • CHE 333:  Advanced Analytical Chemistry
  • CHE 335:  Advanced Inorganic Chemistry

Faculty-Student Research

My current research involves the study of archaeological artifacts using chemical techniques.  In collaboration with the Office of the State Archaeologist of Iowa at the University of Iowa, we are using X-ray fluorescence and other methods to determine the concentrations of trace metals in pottery fragments from archaeological sites in Iowa and South Dakota.  Our goal is to shed light on the origin and possible exchange of pottery between cultures that existed ~800-1000 years ago.  

Prior Positions

  • Dreyfus Teaching/Research Fellow, Occidental College, 1988-89
  • Research Associate, Pomona College, 1982-83
  • Research Chemist, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, summer 1982



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  • C. Strong, E. Davidson, and J. A. Tiffany, X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis of Mill Creek Pottery Fragments; poster presentation, PITTCON, Chicago, IL; March 5-9, 2017.
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External grants

  • Project Director, Roy. J. Carver Charitable Trust Grant, "Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy to Enhance Laboratory Education and Research in Chemistry at Cornell College," $200,000; 2014
  • 2014 Pittsburgh Conference Memorial National College Grants Program, "Portable X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer," $10,000; joint grant with Coe College; 2013.
  • R. J. McElroy Trust Student/Faculty Research Fund, “Production and Study of Mutant Forms of Human Copper-Zinc Superoxide Dismutase,” $2000; 2012.

  • R. J. McElroy Trust Student/Faculty Research Fund, “Copper and Zinc Binding to Mutant Forms of Human Superoxide Dismutase,” $2000; 2006.

  • R. J. McElroy Trust Student/Faculty Research Fund, “Production, Purification, and Metal Binding Studies of Copper-Zinc Superoxide Dismutase,” $2000; 2005.

  • Associated Colleges of the Midwest: Faculty Career Enhancement Program, “Copper and Zinc Binding to Mutant Forms of Human Superoxide Dismutase,” $3000; 2005-06.
  • National Science Foundation: Curriculum, Course, and Laboratory Improvement Program, “Integrating Biochemical Topics into the Analytical Lab using HPLC and UV/Visible Spectrophotometry,” $38,002; 2002-05.

  • Petroleum Research Fund of the American Chemical Society, “Metal binding and redox activity studies of the cobalt-dependent enzyme methionine aminopeptidase,” $24,935; 1997-99.

  • SC Johnson Wax Fund, “Notebook Computers for Data Acquisition in General Chemistry,” $10,000; 1997-98.

  • National Science Foundation Instrumentation and Laboratory Improvement Program, “Improving Undergraduate Instruction in Electrochemistry,” $9625; 1993-95.
  • Petroleum Research Fund of the American Chemical Society, “Metal Substitution Studies of the Blue Copper Protein Rusticyanin,” $18,000; 1991-93.

  • National Science Foundation Instrumentation and Laboratory Improvement Program, “Atomic Absorption Spectrometer for Undergraduate Instruction in Chemistry,” $10,069; 1991-93.
  • Supplemental Award of the Dreyfus Foundation Grant Program in Chemistry for Liberal ArtsColleges, “Preparation and characterization of metal-substituted forms of the blue copper protein rusticyanin,” $10,000; 1990-92.