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Program overview

Majors: Russian, Russian Studies
Minor: Russian

Cornell offers a major and minor in Russian, as well as an interdisciplinary major in Russian studies. 

  • Russian major: Emphasizes language and literature and provides the most courses in Russian of the three degree options
  • Russian minor: Abbreviated form of the Russian major that includes at least one literature course in Russian
  • Russian studies major: Interdepartmental major that includes courses in history, politics and philosophy, as well as Russian language and literature

Most students who study Russian at Cornell College start from scratch with RUS 101, which is generally offered in February each year. By the end of the first week of the block students know the alphabet and are able to make simple statements and conduct very basic conversations. The focus in the first several courses is on practical vocabulary so that students can handle everyday situations, such as talking about self, family, interests, and daily activities.

Study abroad

We encourage our students to study abroad for a semester during their junior or senior year. Russia Today is also frequently taught in Russia, offering students an opportunity to study abroad for a block without impacting other coursework. We also encourage our students to pursue internships abroad through Cornell Fellowships or other programs.