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Program overview

Major/minor: Religion

At Cornell, we understand that the study of religion is a journey of mind, body, heart and soul. We therefore endeavor to bridge the gap between the scholarly and the personal, the theoretical and the practical, as we explore traditions from around the world, including Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and more.

Our students develop skills of careful reading and clear writing as they wrestle with fundamental questions of human life and the powers that shape our destiny. These investigations are further enriched by drawing upon insights and approaches from related disciplines in the social sciences and humanities.

Our flexible degree requirements allow students a great deal of freedom in charting their own paths, and the following table shows some of our diverse course offerings:

Religion Department Courses

Religions of the World
Jesus in the Gospels
Feminist Theology
Biblical Hebrew
Contemporary Judaism
The Islamic Path

The Hindu Vision
The Buddhist Way
Religion and the Artistic Imagination

Courses in Related Departments
Ritual Arts of the African Diaspora (Art)
Saints and She-Devils (Art)
Classical Mythology (Classical Studies)
Milton (English)
Asian Philosophy (Philosophy)
Philosophy of Religion (Philosophy)

Off-campus courses

Professor Steven Sacks has traveled to many countries both as a student and a teacher of religion. In recent years, he's led off-campus courses in Mongolia, Morocco, Laos, and Ethiopia, and Chicago. And our One Course At A Time schedule also makes it easy for students to participate in other Cornell international opportunities, such as art history in Rome, anthropology in the Bahamas, or archaeology in Greece.