Please make plans to remove all of your personal belongings from residence halls prior to move-out dates. Storage in residence halls over the summer is not possible due to health and safety reasons, and to allow for buildings to be accessible for maintenance, renovation and summer camp purposes.


Nearby Storage Facilities


Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon Self Storage…895-0140


Brown’s Mini Storage…455-2359

Discount Storage…895-8899

Winningoal….455-0197… (inc. rates)

Moving Equipment Rental

U-Haul Cedar Rapids

          5605 6th St SW   369-0310

          5907 16th Ave SW   390-1106

Ryder Cedar Rapids

         405 58th Ave SW    369-5568

Penske Truck Rental Cedar Rapids

          5315 J Street    366-5295

Tip: Share the costs and convenience of a storage unit with friends (maybe your roommate for next year)