1. How do I access my voice mail or other phone issues?

Try the IT website on Phone and Voicemail

2. I've lost my residence hall key, what should I do?

Call Res Life @ 319-895-4113

3. Where is my class being held?

  • Class sites are posted on the flyer boards in the Thomas Commons for the first few days of the block
  • A list is kept at the Info Desk.
4. What time are they serving meals? 5. I want the phone number to a Mount Vernon/Cedar Rapids/Iowa City business, how do I get it

6. My phone doesn't work, who do I talk to?

  • Call IT @ 4357
7. My cable doesn't work who do I talk to?

IT @ 4357

8. My computer doesn't work who do I contact?

Contact Tech Support

9. Who can reserve a room?

Any student organization that has been approved by the student senate may reserve a room in the Thomas Commons. Departments within Cornell College may also reserve rooms. Outside groups may rent available space for a fee---Contact Cindy Krob

10. How can I reserve a room or check to see if a room has already been reserved?

 11. Can I make an OC banner to Hang in the Thomas Commons? How?

You must be a student organization that has been approved by the student senate. Individuals may hang Birthday signs for a day. Check the complete list of regulations that must be followed. We have all poster making supplies ready for you to use. Check out the paints at the Info Desk.

12. How can I plan and advertise my on-campus event?