The World of Barbara Blaugdone
Contextualizing Essays

“The English Civil Wars and the Quaker Persecution”
Trisha Richards 

“Imprisonment and Persecution of Quakers”
Rebecca Roberg

“English Laws of the 17th Century Which Led To the Persecution of Quakers”
Kate Shannon

“Vagrancy in 16th and 17th-Century England”
Sara Byrnes

“The Long and Dangerous Road: Travel Overland in the 17th Century”
Brenna Deutchman

“Overseas Travel in Blaugdone’s Time”
Jamie Freguson

“Early Quaker Women in the Ministry”
Josh Hlibichuk

“The Role a Female Traveling Minister Played in Spreading Quaker Beliefs”
Colleen Clark

“Traveling Ministers: Down-Trotting Gender Norms with Each Devoted Step”
Alena Vazquez