Admission to Student Teaching



  1. An all-college GPA of 2.7
  2. A GPA of 2.7 in all 200 level and 2.7 GPA in all 300 level education courses
  3. Completion of all required 200 and 300 level education courses
    For secondary candidates: Completion of 2/3 of the teacher license major and EDU 328 Reading in the Content Area.
  4. Successful completion of performance based standards in 200 and 300 level courses
  5. Completion of the student teacher placement form and application for student teaching. For information on Out of Area Student Teaching click here.
  6. Acceptance by a local classroom teacher
  7. Senior check with Registrar completed
  8. Good standing with the Office of Student Affairs
  9. A clean criminal record
  10. Approval from the entire Education Department.
Full admission to student teaching or denial of student teaching and/or revoking admission to the department.