2014-15 Faculty by Name

Cornell College employs 80 tenured or tenure-track faculty members; 97% hold the highest degree awarded in their fields.

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Allin, Craig, Professor of Politics
Astley, Suzette, Professor of Psychology
Ault, Addison, Emeritus Professor of Chemistry

Barnes-Brus, Tori, Associate Professor of Sociology
Baty, Devan, Associate Professor of French
Beadle, Janelle, Lecturer in Psychology
Bean, Stephen, Associate Professor of Mathematics
Beauchamp, Kara, Professor of Physics
Bennett, Michelle, Music Instructor, viola
Biondo-Gemmell, Susannah, Assistant Professor of Art
Bostwick, Kerry, Professor of Education
Brewer, Abbie, Piano instructor and accompanist, Music
Broghamer, Kari, Elementary Student Teacher Supervisor Education
Burgess, David, Lecturer in Economics and Business
Bush, Eric, Visiting Director of Bands, Music
Busha, Anne, Lecturer in Psychology

Cai, Huan, Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics and Business
Cannon, Ann, Professor of Statistics and Mathematics
Cardon, Jeffrey, Professor of Biology, Chemistry
Christie-Pope, Barbara, Professor of Biology
Ciochon, Noriko, Lecturer in Japanese
Clark, Ronald, Distinguished Artist in Residence, Theatre
Coleman, Sue, Gallery Coordinator and Lecturer in Art
Condon, Marty, Professor of Biology
Cotton, Greg, Systems Librarian, Consulting Librarian for Visual Art, Social Sciences/Professor, Cole Library
Czaplewski, Elliot, Music Instructor, oboe
Czastkiewicz, Veronica, Lecturer in Psychology

Davis, Erin, Associate Professor of Sociology
deLaubenfels, Tony, Professor of Computer Science and Mathematics
Dieker, Mary, Accompanist, Music
Denniston, Rhawn, Professor of Geology
DeVries, Steven, Professor of Kinesiology
Doershuk, John, Lecturer in Anthropology
Dohse, Shivhan, Music Instructor, flute
Donham, Jean, Lecturer in Education
Dragon, William, Professor of Psychology
Driscoll, Matthew, Music Instructor, low brass
Du Laney, Patrick, Lecturer in Theatre
Dyas, Sandy, Lecturer in Art
Dybvig, Eric, Lecturer in Kinesiology

Ellis, James, Music Instructor, cello
Enns, Carolyn, Professor of Psychology
Entel, Rebecca, Associate Professor of English

Farooqi, A'amer, Professor of Economics and Business
Freeman, Glenn, Associate Professor of English
Freeman, James, Professor of Mathematics

Ganzel, Alice, Associate Professor of Psychology
Gingerich Feil, Diane, Laboratory Instructor of Biology and Chemistry
Givens, Robert, Professor of History
Goodfriend, Wind, Lecturer in Psychology
Gray, Paul, Professor of Philosophy
Green, Melinda, Associate Professor of Psychology
Greenstein, Benjamin, Associate Dean of the College, Professor of Geology
Griffin, Ann, independent study instructor, Kinesiology
Gruber-Miller, John, Professor of Classics
Gullen, Amy, Consulting Librarian for the Natural Sciences and Technology/Assistant Professor, Cole Library

Halfmann, Kameko, Lecturer in Psychology
Halsey, Charles, Laboratory Instructor in Chemistry
Hamm, Iryna, Language and Writing Consultant in ESL
Han Congdon, Ahreum, College Organist, Music
Hankins, Leslie, Professor of English
Hassell, Hans, Assistant Professor of Politics
Hearne, Lisa, Professor of Music and Director of Choral Music
Hearne, Martin, Professor of Music
Heinrich, Jill, Associate Professor of Education
Hejeebu, Santhi, Associate Professor of Economics and Business
Herder, Michelle, Associate Professor of History
Hoobler, Ellen, Assistant Professor of Art History
Hovland, Jody, Distinguished Artist in Residence, Theatre
Hutchison, Paul, Lecturer in Physics

Ikach, Lynne, Professor of Russian

Jacobs, Meg, Assistant Professor of Education
Jannusch, Amber, Lecturer in Psychology
Janssens-Rud, Lisa, Lecturer in Psychology
Javoroski, Thomas, Lecturer in Philosophy
Jordan, Truman, Emeritus Professor of Chemistry

Kauper, Kate, Assistant Professor of Education
Kedley, Kate, Lecturer in Education
Kelchen, Jenny Nutting, Costume Shop Supervisor and Lecturer in Theatre
Kim, Miera, Music Instructor, violin
Kiser, Alan, ensemble assistant, Music
Knoop, Todd, Professor of Economics and Business
Kortenkamp, Peter, Music Instructor, horn
Kuda-Malwathumullage, Laboratory Instructor of Chemistry

Lacy-Salazar, Carol, Professor of Spanish
Lang, Jacqueline, Music Instructor, voice
Lawrence, Alan, Music Instructor, percussion
Liberko, Charles, Professor of Chemistry
Lichty, Lyle, Professor of Physics
Lucas, M. Philip, Professor of History

Martin, James, Professor of Music
Martinez-Millan, Juan, Lecturer in Spanish
McAuliffe, Shena, Robert P. Dana Emerging Writer Fellow, English and Creative Writing
McCleeary, Ryan, Lecturer in Computer Science
McCollum, Andrew, Professor of Biology
Meeker, Jeff, Lecturer in Kinesiology
Meyer, Kristi, Assistant Professor of Kinesiology
Miele, Benjamin, Lecturer in English
Migely, Genevieve, Associate Professor of Philosophy
Mildenstein, Tammy, Assistant Professor of Biology
Molleur, Joseph, Professor of Religion
Monagan, Alfrieta Parks, Professor of Anthropology
Morgan, Jo, Elementary Student Teacher Supervisor, Education
Morton, R.Greg, Music Instructor, bassoon
Mosier, Michael, Assistant Professor of Spanish
Mouton, Michelle, Professor of English
Murphy, Anne, Elementary Student Teacher Supervisor, Education

Nickle, Tony, piano accompanist, Music
Nowak-Thompson, Brian, Associate Professor of Biology and Chemistry

Ochoa-Shivapour, Marcela, Professor of Spanish
Olinger, Scott, Professor of Theatre
Olsen, Christopher, Lecturer in Mathematics and Statistics
Olson, Mary, Professor of Sociology
Orcutt, John, Post-Doctoral Teacher-Scholar Fellow in Geology

Perrine, Aaron, Assistant Professor of Music
Penn-Goetsch, Christina Morris, Professor of Art History
Petersen, Michele, Lecturer in Religion
Pionek, Andrea, Labatory Instructor and Lecturer in Chemistry
Pinto-Tomás, Maricelle, Lecturer in Spanish
Plaut, Tony, Professor of Art
Postler, Cynthia, Director of Teacher Education in Education
Putz, Shea-Lynn, Laboratory Instructor of Biology


Reed, Shannon, Associate Professor of English
Richardson, Sarah, Lecturer in Education
Richtsmeier, Rebecca, Laboratory Instructor of Biology
Rouse, Jennifer, Consulting Librarian for the Arts and Humanities, Education/Associate Professor, Cole Library

Sacks, Steven, Associate Professor of Religion
Sakas, Karliana, Assistant Professor of Spanish
Savitsky, Jerome, Professor of Economics and Business
Saylor, Laura, Music Instructor, Trumpet
Schneider, Don, Technical Director and Lecturer in Theatre
Schupach, Michael, Lecturer in Theatre
Schuster-Craig, Johanna, Visiting Assistant Professor of German Studies
Shanata, Brandi, Lecturer in Mathematics and Statistics
Shanata, Jai, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Sherman, Derin, Professor of Physics
Siebert, Judith, Lecturer in Anthropology
Skretta, James, Music Instructor, saxophone
Skorczewski, Tyler, Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Statistics
Smith, Joshua, Lecturer in Latin
Smith, Pat, guitar instructor, Music
Sowell, Ross, Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Stavreva, Kirilka, Professor of English
Stewart, Catherine, Professor of History
Stilwell, Jama, Professor of Music
Strabala, Joyce, Music Instructor, piano
Strong, Cynthia, Professor of Chemistry
Sutherland, Robert, Professor of Politics

Tabak, Leon, Professor of Computer Science
Teague, Craig, Associate Professor of Chemistry
Teague, Mary Anne, Lecturer in Chemistry
Tepper, Craig, Professor of Biology
Thomas, Aparna, Associate Professor of Politics and Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies
Thull, Jonathon, Music Instructor, voice
Tibbits, Matthew, Lecturer in Geology


VanValen, James, Associate Professor of Theatre
Venticinque, Philip, Assistant Professor of Classics

Waelchli, Paul, Director of the Russell D. Cole Library and College Librarian/Assistant Professor
Walsh, Emily, Associate Professor of Geology
Wells, Ashley, Lecturer in English
West, Janeve, Associate Professor of Theatre
Whale, Ellen, Professor of Kinesiology
White, James, Professor of Philosophy
White, Mike, Music Instructor, Bass
Wiehl, John, Lecturer in English
Wines, Rebecca, Assistant Professor of French
Wright, Eric, Lecturer in Theatre
Wurmitzer, Gabriele, Lecturer in German


Yamanishi, David, Associate Professor of Politics
Yamanishi, Meghan, Consulting Librarian for the Social Sciences/Library Instructor, Cole Library