Office of Chaplain & Spiritual Life Student Leader Teams & Groups

Everyone welcome.  Stop by my office on 3rd floor Old Sem or one of our various programming events for more information on how you can get involved.  Leader’s meeting is the first Monday at noon of each term in Magee Dining Room. Join us!

Soul Friends:  Ecumenical Christian (Protestant of all stripes, Roman Catholics, Orthodox) group including a smattering of seekers and inter-spiritual explorers who don’t do labels.   Offers spiritual wisdom and support for the journey, ecumenical worship (Soul Feast with Peace Eucharist), open minds and hearts,   and union with God and love of all peoples including those utter unlike ourselves in imitation of Christ.  Meets weekly during each term during Soul Feast Chapel on Wednesdays at noon in Allee Chapel, during caritas projects—compassion & social justice events like Crop Walk and Fair Trade Gift Market, interfaith understanding and dialogue circles of trust, and sponsors the almost monthly Inter-spirituality Healing Wisdom Series. Flows out of The Chaplain & Spiritual Life Office

Interfaith Understanding & Exploration: For multi-faith bridge builders, those who seek shared universal spiritual wisdom and world peace through inter-religious understanding, and those of no particular spiritual or religious background who are questing.  Meets  by event like interfaith dialogue circles, spirituality road trips, and joins Soul Friends in the almost monthly Inter-spirituality Healing Wisdom Series on Forgiveness and Reconciliation the 3rd Wednesday of the term at noon in Allee.

Self-Governed Student Organizations

These self run groups run independent of The Chaplain & Spiritual Life Office.  The Chaplain supports— though may not always agree with—the perspectives of these groups and its members, be they Christian or another orientation.  Find a group that respects and best fits your spiritual inheritance, values, questions, sense of meaning, and belief system.    Meanwhile, I pray that as an educational community we  honor unity amid our differences as part of the educational preparation of servant leaders in a complex, fragile  world.  That we honor our diverse religious, "spiritual but not religious", and secular perspectives.  That we  and Moreover, I pray we embrace these universal spiritual principles: compassion, protecting the outsider & stranger, emptying the individual & group ego, and also leaven all our “answers”—theologically and otherwise, with humility, humor, and grace.  The lessons of history, and the task of this age seem to be:  How will we bridge the gulf of hate, mistrust, and division?  How can we honor democracy and freedom of speech without  forcing upon others our religious or secular perspectives?  ~ Peace,  Rev. CQE, Chaplain of the College 

 Check organizational websites & Thomas Commons Info Desk for often changing start times, locations, & leader contacts for these groups:

Buddhist Interest Group:  This Group is for students interested in either practicing or becoming more familiar with Buddhist meditation, history, teaching and culture. We will explore a variety of Buddhist teachings and scriptures, practice traditional zazen meditation, and learn how these can be of aid to us in our everyday lives. You need not be Buddhist to attend, all are welcome to come meditate and join the discussion. Contact Ron Logan (rlogan11) for more information on when this group gathers.

Campus Crusade for Christ—Evangelical Christian faith group.  Contact Lauren Morris (lmorriss12)

Deep Water --Evangelical Christian gathering for praise and more. Meets Sundays in Allee at 7pm. “Our purpose is to seek Christ in all that we do, and to encourage others to do the same. We do this through worship by song, prayer, speakers, fellowship, and small group discussions. “  Contact:  Aaron Zarubi (azarubi11).

Fellowship of Christian Athletes: Fellowship of Christian Athletes is committed to building a greater community of believers on campus. Our activities often include pick-up athletic games, video scavenger hunts, and theme parties. We also do service projects and fundraisers like 30 Hour Famine and Invisible Children.

Hillel Hillel is the Jewish group on campus. We provide a place for Jewish holidays and other events. Hillel tries to create an open environment for learning about different cultures, but focuses on Judaism. Everyone is welcome!! Shabbat meal on 3rd Fridays.  Sam Levine (shedine12)

Roman Catholic Community Association creates an environment for Catholic students to get together and share their beliefs by providing a place to practice and expand our common faith. We also encourage non-Catholics to attend, and explore what it means to be Catholic, with no pressure to convert or discrimination against other beliefs. If you want to learn more about an often misunderstood faith, or mature in being Catholic, then RCCA is happy to welcome you.  Meets on  Wednesday nights at St. John’s over a meal (5:15p.m.).

Sanctuary We are an all-accepting, all-inclusive alternative religion group. Our members have ranged from Catholics to New Age, to those practicing beliefs passed down for generations. Our main objective is to provide a safe atmosphere for those who wish to study and/or practice minority religions. We also strive to familiarize the Cornell community with alternative religious and spiritual practices. As a group, we hold four major rituals each year: Autumnal Equinox, Samhain, Spring Equinox, and Beltane. Additionally, members are welcome and encouraged to suggest other rituals or traditions they would like to see held, and we do the best we can to assist with them. We hold meetings every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the block at 6 PM in Bowman Formal Lounge, and we hold Tea and Tarot every 2nd Wednesday on the OC. Everyone is welcome to join us for either one.   Contact:  Melissa Urgo  (murgo11)

Stand Tall As college students, it is our passion to witness to our peers. This past year, Stand Tall has worked extensively on developing relevant, new, and truth-filled material. Our material consists of student-written skits, personal monologues, guest performers, and musical productions

Cornell’s UMC Religious Heritage & Spiritual Life Statement 

Buddhist Group  Student contact person: Ron Logan

Campus Crusade for Christ - Student contact: Loren Morris

Deep Water  Evangelical Christian gathering for praise worship and more.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes Meets for games, activities, Bible studies, and fellowship. Not just for athletes. Wednesdays evenings in Hedges.

Hillel Offers fellowship and celebration of Jewish culture and faith. Everyone welcome (not just for Jews).

Sanctuary  A safe and comfortable gathering for neo-pagans and their friends. All are welcome.

Roman Catholic Community Association  Roman Catholic spirituality, fellowship, theological conversations, and more. Open to everyone.

Spirituality & Interfaith Understanding Fellowship
Spiritual explorers, seekers, and people of differing beliefs dedicated to fostering not only growth of one's own spiritual path & identity, but cultivating understanding among differing traditions as a pathway toward peace.

Stand Tall Christian theatrical troop that presents songs and skits.

Soul Friends
Progressive and traditional Christians, seekers, and those who need spiritual depth, a faith that not only feels but welcomes questions and thinking, and shares God’s reconciling and all-inclusive love . Fellowships and works closely with the chaplain, and helps with leadership of Soul Feast, Evensong, and other Office of Chaplain & Spiritual Life programming.

Contact the Thomas Commons Info Desk (x4334) for student leader contact information and meeting location/time. 

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