A deposit of $300 must be paid prior to a student attending Cornell College.

  1. Of the $300 being paid, $100 is an orientation fee and $200 being the enrollment deposit.
  2. When a student withdraws according to the College Catalogue (one of the key components to this is that students do not participate in room draw for the following year and notify the Dean of Students at that time that they intend to withdraw), they are eligible for a refund of the $200 deposit.
  3. The $200 deposit is applied to the student’s account to pay any outstanding balance: any remaining credit will be returned to the student via check mailed to the home address, at the end of even numbered blocks.
  4. When a student graduates, the deposit is applied to the student account in June to pay any outstanding charges applied to the student account. The remainder is returned to the student at the home address Cornell has on file in mid to late June.