General Guidelines

  • All internships must be for academic credit (280 or 380).
  • The internship must be substantially related to economics, business, or public policy.
  • Priority will be given to students undertaking unpaid internships.
  • Selection will be based on the following criteria:
    • Potential for success in the internship.
    • Impact on your academic experience at Cornell.
    • Relevance to economics, business, or public policy.
    • Writing ability.
  • Funding recipients will be asked to submit digital photos of their participation in the internship and a weekly blog entry, as well as a summary report to the Berry Center at the conclusion of the internship, reflecting upon the experience and answering the following:
    • Brief description of the internship.
    • How did Cornell prepare you for this internship?
    • What did you learn during this internship?
    • How will this internship influence your future plans?

Funding Guidelines

  • Berry Center internship funds can be used to assist in covering travel, housing, or additional resource costs needed to support the student internship experience.
  • One half of the funds will be disbursed approximately one week prior to the block of the project. The other half will be disbursed upon receipt of the blogs, summary report, and photos.
  • Funding is provided depending on the location of the experience and a corresponding budget of anticipated expenses provided by the student. The following amounts are estimates for 1 block. Internships lasting longer than 1 block may be eligible for additional funding.
    • Daily driving distance (approximately 60 miles) of Cornell College or your hometown: $200
    • Midwest (contiguous states): $500
      • Exceptions are $1000 for students going to Minneapolis, Chicago, and Denver due to higher cost of living expenses.
    • East and West Coasts and Southern US: $1,000
    • International: $1,500

Application Guidelines

  • To apply, submit the following to the Berry Center no later than 30 days prior to the start of the internship.  Late materials may disqualify your application. The earlier applications for internship funding are received, the better.
  • Completed application found below with a Career Engagement Center approved resume
  • A copy of the approved internship proposal form from the Registrar’s office
  • A copy of your unofficial transcript from the Self-Service page

Application for Internship Funding

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