The McWethy Program brings business leaders, scholars and policy experts directly into the classroom. Distinguished visitors are invited to participate in regularly scheduled courses, where they interact with students in a classroom setting. Due to the scheduling flexibility provided by the One Course at a Time format, the classroom visits can last for several hours, or can even be extended over multiple days. In addition to participating in courses, visiting professionals often give public presentations for the benefit of the larger college community.

Recent Distinguished Visitors Supported by the McWethy Program

Cillian Ryan

Cillian Ryan, University of Birmingham (England)

Professor Ryan teaches economics at the University of Birmingham and specializes in international trade. He holds the John Monnet chair in European Economics, and he is also the Director of Education in the College of Social Sciences. At Cornell he spoke to students in the international economics seminar on trade theory, and gave a public presentation on agriculture and trade policy in the European Union.

Lauren Anderson

Laurel Anderson, Arizona State University

Laurel Anderson, Associate Professor of Marketing at Arizona State University, was invited to teach a course in international marketing. The purpose of the course was to prepare students to become effective marketing managers in an increasingly competitive global environment. The course examined how an understanding of the cultural environment was crucial to the development and implementation of effective marketing strategies.

According to Anderson, "The course recognizes that we live in a flat, connected, shrinking, interdependent world in which time horizons are compressed, communications are 24/7, information is prolific, customers are also competitors and global work teams are located throughout the world." Students were asked to work on projects that involved the creation of products that were compatible with the cultural environments of host countries, and then developing advertisement or social media campaigns to market the products in a culturally sensitive manner.

John Murray

John Murray, health care consultant, World Health Organization

Murray, a physician by training, has worked on the design and implementation of primary health care programs in 15 countries in Asia and Africa. He has served as a consultant to the World Health Organization, focusing his work on maternal and child health. In addition to attending a politics class on human rights, he presented a public lecture entitled “9 Million Child Deaths: Where, Why and What Can Be Done”. He also met with students reading Tracy Kidder’s "Mountains Beyond Mountains," an account of Paul Farmer, whose transformative public health projects have saved lives in Haiti and other poor regions.

Other Recent Distinguished Visitors

  • Jeanne Firth '06, urban farming specialist at Grow Dat youth farm in New Orleans, attended a Sociology course “Sociological Perspectives” and an English course “Sustainability, Food and Writing”
  • David Korslund ’76, senior advisor at the Global Alliance for Banking on Values, discussed micro-finance and social entrepreneurship in a classroom visit, and led a workshop on sustainable banking.
  • Ian Cheney, director of the documentary film “King Corn,” attended a Sociology course “Sociological Perspectives” and an English course “Sustainability, Food and Writing”
  • Larry Miller, executive with American College Testing (ACT) in Iowa City, attended Economics and Business course “Organizational Economics”
  • Megan Tady, media analyst, attended Sociology course "Media and the Public Mind", and Computer Science course "Privacy, Piracy and the Public Good"
  • Eric Sudol '03, Dallas Cowboys sales executive, met with students in the sports psychology course, and gave a public presentation on the economics of financing sports arenas
  • Dave Gatton '75, US Conference of Mayors (Washington, DC.), participated in the “Urban Politics” course, and made a public presentation, "Earth in the Balance: America's Cities in a Green, Global Economy"
  • Scott Quehl, former Assistant Secretary for Administration and CFO of the U.S. Department of Commerce, met with students in the “Public Policy” class and gave a public presentation
  • Michelle Knowland ‘06, Management Analyst for the City of Loveland, OH, attended Sociology courses “Urban Community” and “Families in Social Context”, and Politics course “Ethics and Public Policy”
  • Bruce Dalgaard, economics professor at St. Olaf College (Minnesota), met with students in the “International Economics” class, and gave a public lecture entitled "Financial Free-Fall: Japan's Lost Decade and its Implications for the U.S."
  • Forrest Nelson, economics professor at the University of Iowa, spoke with students about the Iowa Electronic Markets
  • Stephen Handler, ClearSky Climate Solutions (Montana), met with the “Environmental Perspectives" class to discuss carbon trading
  • Michael Savarese, professor of marine science at Florida Gulf Coast University, was on campus to discuss environmental policy, with a focus on the restoration of the Everglades in southwest Florida.
  • Pablo Sitjar, a partner in the Southern Cone Group investment firm based in Montevideo, Uruguay, attended several economics classes and lectured on global financial integration and emerging markets.

For more information about distinguished visitors in the classroom, please contact the Associate Director of the McWethy Program.