Biographical Sketch

Professor Monagan grew up in Washington, D.C. In the summer before her senior year of undergraduate school, she got on a plane for the first time in her life - a plane that took her to India, via London and Cairo. By the end of the summer she knew that she wanted to study anthropology. At Cornell she enjoys introducing students to different cultures worldwide and to the use of anthropology to serve practical problems. She's especially enthusiastic about West Indian societies, ritual analysis, religion, medical practices, environmental issues and ethnic and gender relations.

Academic History

  • PhD in Anthropology, Princeton University, 1981
  • MA in Anthropology, Princeton University, 1971
  • BA in Sociology, George Washington University, 1969

Courses Taught

  • Cultural Anthropology
  • West Indian People and Culture
  • Magic, Witchcraft and Religion
  • Ritual, Symbol and Behavior
  • Applied Anthropology
  • Medical Anthropology
  • Cross-Cultural Love and Marriage
  • Qualitative Research Methods and Fieldwork
  • Women's Roles in Cross-Cultural Perspective
  • Introduction to Ethnic Studies

Off-Campus Experiences

  • ANT 206: West Indian People and Culture: Taught either in Barbados and Trinidad or in Belize (in alternate years)
  • ANT 222: Applied Anthropology: Taught in the Bahamas (in alternate years)