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Spring 2010: Special Issue on Student Achievements; Standards for Latin Teacher Preparation Approved by ACL and APA; New Adult Education Latin Class in Des Moines; Trip to Athens brings ancient world alive for U of I students; Cornell College students form new Classics Club; Iowa City experiences second annual Homerathon; A successful leadership experience for Sharada Price; Special Exhibit on the Dead Sea Scrolls at the Science Museum of Minnesota

Fall 2009: Not Your Parents' Latin Class! New Journal focuses on Latin and Greek pedagogy; Interview with Sister Mary Victoria Gereau, Iowa Latin teacher for 30 years; Classical Studies: What You Need to Know; Carin Green and Robert Ketterer receive rave reviews of their new books; Amicitia Newsletter Now Electronic

Spring 2009: Teaching in the Classics: A New Course at the U of Iowa; Barbara Lau discusses her new play Raising Medusa; Mount Vernon recommends middle school Latin; first annual Terence Awards; a Roman Satire Unit in Latin IV

Fall 2008: Historic joint meeting of AMICI and the Illinois Classical Conference a huge success; Loras College course on Democracy and global diversity; ACL-APA form task force on Latin teacher training; College Board eliminates the AP Latin Literature exam; new website features proverb of the day and Aesop's Fables

Spring 2008: Greek Mythology comes to life in Iowa City; How popular is Percy Jackson and the Olympians? Special section on research in Classics with an Iowa twist; Classicist addresses student ambassadors to the Beijing Olympics

Fall 2007: AMICI and ICC plan joint meeting; fashioning a life's work: an interview with Toby Schreiber, author of Athenian Vase Construction; Poet Rosanna Warren makes the past new again in her poetry; medieval Latin in your classroom

Spring 2006: Surviving and thriving: a new teacher's reflections on the first year; Doing Latin and Roman culture through class gardening; Cornell College students stage Plautus' Poenulus; William Sanders Scarborough: Classicist, African-American, Citizen of the World

Fall 2005: Latin is for Everyone: Special Issue on Outreach; The lights are on, but nobody's home: helping Latin students make connections; Caristia; ISU receives grant; Ecclesia and Latin Omnibus at Augustana; Cornell celebrates the Year of Languages

Spring 2005: Celebrating Three Magnificent Careers: Pat Burr, Vicki Campbell, and Mary Ann Harness; Robert Ketterer reviews Britten's opera Lucretia; Students and colleagues pay tribute to Mr. Burr, Mrs. Campbell, and Mrs. Harness

Fall 2004: Don't Count Latin Out in the 21st Century; Celebrate 2005 as the Year of Languages; Oliver Stone's Alexander--A Review; Art in Roman Life Celebrates 1st Anniversary

Spring 2004: Classics Celebrates 150 years at Cornell College; Communication and Culture: One Teacher's Thoughts on Teaching Latin; Art in Roman Life Inspires New Music, New Exhibit; Symposium on Teaching Latin Attracts Enthusiastic Audience

Fall 2003: "Art in Roman Life: Villa to Grave" Opens in Cedar Rapids; Interview with Peter Green; Who Are the Romans? A Primer; What Have the Romans Ever Done for Us?; Greek and Latin Roots "From Villa to Grave"; Leo Stattelman: In Memoriam

Spring 2003: National Latin Teacher Recruitment Week; Living Latin in Lexington, KY; The Lysistrata Project; plus NLTRW Bookmarkers and Suggestions

Fall 2002: New Papyrus Reveals Greek Poetry Book; Kudos to Pat Burr; Helping Latin Programs Thrive; Classics and MLK Day

Spring 2002: Cyberspace meets Classics in Iowa; Latin Class volunteers at Head Start; Three Iowans honored at CAMWS; Learning Latin in 1750: Founders and the Classics

Fall 2001: New Officers, Mentoring Program announced; Why Study Latin: One Student's Response

Spring 2001: New Classical Studies major at ISU

Fall 2000: Jim Ruebel takes position at Ball State, Translation Contest winners

Fall 1999: Translation Contest winners, VRoma update, Latin panel at IFLA




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