Ariadne: Resources for Athenaze

Chapter 6
Resources for Chapter 6

Images: Ariadne's Family Album
Images of Ariadne's family: her father Minos, her mother Pasiphae, her half brother the Minotaur.

Dictation: Chapter 6a, active and middle verbs

Oral Scripts: Monopoly and Who's in charge? (dative case) (6b)

Reciprocal Dictation (6b): (cut the paper in half and distribute Parts A and B to pairs of students)

Oral Scripts: Interview Ariadne and Theseus

Writing: Re-tell the myth of Ariadne from her perspective

Culture: Thinking about Ariadne's role in the myth

Links: Ariadne, Theseus, and Dionysos
Links to many sites that illustrate and explain the myths surrounding Ariadne.

Audio Files:

Chapter 6a vocabulary, p. 85-86

Chapter 6a grammar: middle verbs, present tense, pp. 90-92

Chapter 6a reading, pp. 87-88

Chapter 6b, vocabulary, p. 99

Chapter 6b, reading, pp. 100-101

Who Am I? After reading the story of Ariadne and Theseus in 6a-b, listen to the audio clip and and decide whom the riddles are describing.



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