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Writing Ariadne's Perspective

Rewrite the myth of Ariadne and Theseus from her point of view. Choose one of the following three possibilities:

  • Have Ariadne write a letter to Theseus telling him what she thinks about their affair.
  • Use the grammar and vocabulary given in chapters 1-6 to have Ariadne retell the myth of Theseus emphasizing her role in saving the Athenians.
  • Write a description of what Ariadne’s life is like after Theseus’ departure.

Ariadne and Dionysos
Ariadne crowns Dionysos with a laurel wreath while Pan and a satyr pick grapes above, Toledo 1981.110

Photo credit: Lucanian red figure volute krater, c. 380-360 BCE. Photograph by Maria Daniels, courtesy of the Toledo Museum of Art.

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