Ariadne: Resources for Athenaze

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All audio files are in MP3 format. All page numbers refer to Athenaze, Book 1

Introduction: Part II, Pronunciation of Greek letters, p xii

Introduction: Part IV, Practice in Pronunciation and Writing, pp. xviii-xix

Chapter 1

Chapter 1a, Vocabulary, p. 2

Chapter 1a, Reading passage, p.3

Chapter 1b, Vocabulary, p. 8

Chapter 1b, Reading passage, p. 8

The Song of Seikilos (Tim Moore, "Song in the Greek Classroom," Teaching Classical Languages 4.2 [2013] 79); here is another recording of the song by David Creese.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2a, Vocabulary, p. 12

Chapter 2a, Grammar, p. 13

Chapter 2a, Reading, p. 12

Chapter 2b, Vocabulary, p. 18

Chapter 2b, Grammar, p. 20

Chapter 2b, Reading, p. 18

Chapter 3

Chapter 3a vocabulary, p. 24

Chapter 3a reading, pp. 24-25

Chapter 3b vocabulary, p. 30

Chapter 3b grammar, 2nd declension nouns, p. 31

Chapter 3b reading, p. 30-31

Chapter 4

Chapter 4a vocabulary, p. 36

Chapter 4a grammar, present tense, p. 38-39

Chapter 4a grammar, 1st declension nouns, pp. 40-42

Chapter 4a reading, p. 37-38

Chapter 4b vocabulary, p. 46

Chapter 4b grammar, 1st declension masculine nouns, pp. 47-48

Chapter 4b grammar, 1st and 2nd declension adjectives, pp. 48-49

Chapter 4b reading, pp. 46- 47

Chapter 5

Chapter 5a vocabulary, p. 54

Chapter 5a grammar: alpha contracts, p. 56

Chapter 5a reading, p. 55

Chapter 5b vocabulary, p. 62

Chapter 5b reading, pp. 62-64

Chapter 6

Chapter 6a vocabulary, p. 72

Chapter 6a grammar: middle verbs, present tense, pp. 75-78

Chapter 6a reading, pp. 73-74

Chapter 6b, vocabulary, p. 84

Chapter 6b, reading, pp. 84-86

Chapter 6, Who Am I? After reading the story of Ariadne and Theseus in 6a-b, listen to the audio clip and and decide whom the riddles are describing.

Chapter 7

Chapter 7a vocabulary, p. 94

Chapter 7a grammar: 3rd declension nouns, pp. 97-99

Chapter 7a reading, pp. 95-96

Chapter 7b vocabulary, p. 104

Chapter 7b reading, pp. 104-106

Chapter 7, Who Am I? After reading the story of Odysseus and the Cyclops in 7a-b, listen to the audio clip and and decide whom the riddles are describing.

Chapter 8

Chapter 8a vocabulary, p. 112

Chapter 8a reading, pp. 112-14

Chapter 8b vocabulary, p. 122

Chapter 8b, grammar, 3rd declension: pater, meter, and gune, pp. 124-25

Chapter 8b, grammar: pas pasa pan, p. 126

Chapter 8b reading, pp. 122-23

Chapter 9

Chapter 9a vocabulary, p. 133

Chapter 9a grammar; present participles, active, p. 136-37

Chapter 9a reading, pp. 133-35

Chapter 9b vocabulary, p. 142

Chapter 9b reading, pp. 142-44

Chapter 10

Chapter 10a vocabulary, p. 156

Chapter 10a grammar: sigmatic futures, pp. 158-59

Chapter 10a grammar: deponent futures, pp. 159-60

Chapter 10a reading, pp. 156-57

Chapter 10b vocabulary, p. 164

Chapter 10b grammar: asigmatic (contract) futures, p. 166-67

Chapter 10b reading, pp. 165-66

Chapter 11

Chapter 11a vocabulary, p. 174

Chapter 11a grammar: common 2nd aorists, pp. 181, 189

Chapter 11a reading, pp. 175-76

Chapter 11b vocabulary, p. 186

Chapter 11b reading, 187-88

Chapter 12

Chapter 12a vocabulary, p. 194

Chapter 12a grammar: 1st aorists conjugated, pp. 196-97

Chapter 12a grammar: 1st aorist participles, p. 199

Chapter 12a reading, pp. 194-96