To post a new site or get access to an existing folder:

First email Mike Plagge and let him know that you are interested. He will then create a folder on organization server and request access for the authorized user. The organization is then responsible for creating their own pages.

We strongly recommend the addition of a site maintainer's e-mail address and the date last updated at the bottom of every page for ease of use by your readers.

Every organizational page is required to have a link to the organization disclaimer on every page of your site. This is done automatically if your site is hosted on the CMS system. If your site is not hosted on the CMS system, you should use the following image: 

Student Organization Disclaimer Disclaimer

Make it an image map linked to the Cornell Home page and to the Organizational Disclaimer page.

The black Cornell logo is located at: /images/cornell/cornell_logo.gif and can be inserted. Then type the word 'Disclaimer' no smaller than indicated above either after or under the logo with the appropriate link.

To add the purple image to your organization's page:

  1. Open your page's HTML code. This can be done by opening the page in notepad or by using Dreamweaver and opening the HTML window.
  2. Paste the following code into your page for the org image to show up. This can be put anywhere on your page.
    <IMG src="images/disclaimer_template.png" width="250" height="25" border="0" usemap="#Org Disclaimer">

  3. Next find the HTML tag </BODY>
  4. Immediately before this tag, you will need to paste the following code for your image map to show up:
    <!--Begin Image Map Code -->
    <MAP name="Org Disclaimer" >
    <AREA shape="rect" coords="143,8,198,23" href="
    /information-technology/policies/technology-policies/cornell-www.shtml" alt="Student Organization Disclaimer">
    <AREA shape="rect" coords="3,4,130,26" href="/" alt="Cornell Home Page">
    <!-- End Image Map Code-->

The use of Cornell's computing resources and facilities constitutes an agreement on the part of the user to obey these policies. Violation of any of these policies is a violation of Cornell policy and may result in referral of the alleged violation to the appropriate judicial process.