Locally Connecting

Define Site

For file management, it is good idea to "Define Site".


With DreamWeaver open go to the menu bar and click

  1. Site>Manage Sites>New>Site
  2. Click on the Advanced Tab
  3. Enter the following information: 
    • Site name: type the site name of your choosing
    •  Local Root Folder: \\orgs\orgs\folder name (such as \\orgs\orgs\chess_and_games)
      • For personal folders this would be \\people\people\username (such as \\people\people\bdole)
      • Back slash key ( \ ) is located near [Backspace] key 
    • Default Images Folder: \\orgs\orgs\folder\images (such as \\orgs\orgs\chess_and_games\images)
    • HTTP Address:  http://orgs.cornellcollege.edu/foldername (such as http://orgs.cornellcollege.edu/chess_and_games)
    • Deselect (uncheck) "Enable Cache" check box. 
  4. Click on [OK].  Click on [Done]. 

Your site map should show up in in the Folder List at the right.  

Remote Connecting

You will set up a Dreamweaver FTP site to access your site from home. You will need a copy of Dreamweaver MX and an internet connection.

1. Open Dreamweaver and go to Site, then select the Manage Sites tab.

2. Click New and choose FTP/RDS server.

3. You will get a message about not being able to perform sitewide operations. Read the message and click OK.

4. Fill out the Configure Server box as below. Use your user name and password.


*** For personal sites you would use
ftp-people.cornellcollege.edu as the host and enter your user name in the home directory. For example,cornell-college\j-doe or for faculty cornell-college\tjefferson.
*** For sites in the public directory you would use
ftp-public.cornellcollege.edu as the host and enter the directory name in the home directory. For athletics, it would be athletics.



5. You are now connected!