The newest version of Dreamweaver  is available in any of the campus labs. To use Dreamweaver on your office/dorm computer, you can install an older version of Dreamweaver made available through the college.  This version will require you to install a key access as well.  

Downloading Dreamweaver is composed of three parts.

  1. Connecting your computer to the srv2 folder (mapping to Application Drive)
  2. Downloading Dreamweaver from the srv2 folder
  3. Downloading the Key Access from the srv2 folder

Mapping Network Drives to the Application Drive (Drive G:)

  1. Please click here and select your computer operating system on the left-hand menu
  2. Follow the instructions below "Instructions on Connecting to the Application Drive"

Downloading Dreamweaver

  1. Open \\srv2\Apps\Apps_A-F\Dreamweaver
  2. Go into the Installer folder
  3. Double click the "DW04 Install Part 1" icon.  This will install the application on your machine.
  4. Double click the "DW04 Install Part 2" icon. This will install the Dreamweaver icons on your machine.

Obtaining Key Access

  1. Open \\srv2\Apps\Apps_G-L\KeyServer_Client\Installer
  2. Run the K2client.exe file
You may now launch Dreamweaver by double clicking on the "Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004" icon that was copied to your desktop.