To create an election, similar to those used for Student Senate voting, go to

From there, log in using your Cornell username and password. Then click on "My Positions" on the left navigation bar. A position must be made before creating an election. Give the position a name, description, and set which students can vote, either all students, or those of a certain year.


Once your position is made, click on "Create Election." As with the position, you will need to give your election a name and description. The start and end dates should be done in the format of YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS as shown in the picture below. Then choose between either majority or single transferable vote and which students will be able to vote in this election. For "Add Position," choose the position you just made. Click "Create/Modify Election."


On the next page, type in the name of the first candidate for the position. Click "Create/Modify Election," and repeat until each of your candidates have been written in.


During the time between the start date and end date, anybody who is able to vote will see the election on the student voting home page.

To see results, go to "My Elections" and click "Results" next to the election of your choice. You will be able to download the results of a single transferable vote election and see the results of a majority vote election.