Requesting a New Web Editor For Your Department/Organization

If you would like to have a student or staff member set up to edit a departmental or organizational page you will need to do the following:

  1. Go to the Information Technology Work Orders page and submit a work order for Website: Official College.
  2. Read over the Web Editor Guidelines below.
    • If you are a student you will need your faculty advisor to send an e-mail (or submit a work order) to Mike Plagge stating the student name and the site they are to have access to.
    • If you are a staff/faculty member who will be accessing a deparment or office site, the department head will be notified of the request.
  3. Once the supervisor/department head confirms any request, the new web editor will be contacted for a brief meeting as stated below.

New Web Editor Guidelines

The following is required for anyone working on a website:

  • All editors must be approved by the department head or organization sponsor and by the College Webmaster. Written permission (in either email or paper form) is required for any students working on an official college page.
  • Students may work on departmental web sites but it is the department's responsibility to make sure that all departmental pages follow the web site design guidelines as stated below.
  • All new webmasters must attend a short training session. This session includes information on connecting to the site, working with Dreamweaver, and web site policies.

A Note On Consistency

Keeping the same navigation structure, background, colors, and fonts helps to make a site more appealing and easier to use. Dreamweaver and cascading style sheets provide tools to help keep Cornell's site consistent. Cornell's site has a cascading style sheet that formats headings, general text, hyperlinks, photos, and more. Dreamweaver has templates that allow parts of a page to be done on a site-wide basis. Changing those things brings inconsistency. Whenever possible, web editors are encouraged to use the standards below.

More Information

For more information on editing Cornell web pages, please see the CMS Training.